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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Wife Finally Files For Divorce In London Court, On Grounds Of Unreasonable Behavior, Adultery

The dissolution of the marriage between Christ Embassy Church founder, Pastor Christian Oyakhilome, and his wife, Rev. Anita Odegwa Oyakhilome, has entered the final phase, Thecable reveals.
The wife is said to be seeking divorce on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour” and “adultery”.
She outlined several allegations against the pastor in a divorce case, with Suit No FD14D01650,  filed on April 9, 2014 at Divorce Section A, Central Family Court, First Avenue House, High Holborn, London, UK, on Anita’s behalf by Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitors, a full-service law firm.
Efforts to reconcile the popular couple, whose church is one of the biggest denominations in Nigeria and has branches all over world, have failed. 
They have two teenage daughters, Sharon and Charlyn. Oyakhilome is the president of Believers’ Love World Inc, the registered name of the Christian ministry, while his wife is the vice-president. The pastor, according to an elder of the church, has denied allegations of adultery and believes his wife is being influenced by “bad friends” who are intent on destroying their home. Anita on the other hand believes she has been relegated in the scheme of things in the church. Her husband has reportedly accused her of trying to usurp power and authority above her seniors in the ministry. 
Sources in the know reveal that the pastor had been making efforts to avoid divorce in the hope that the wife would eventually have a change of mind. However, all efforts seem to have proven futile as a decree nissi has already been served on the charismatic pastor in his hotel room during a recent visit to the UK. 
Decree nissi, in legal terms, is like a yellow card in a football match which is a precursor to a red card (“decree absolute”) if no new evidence is provided to stall proceedings. 
Church insiders said Oyakhilome had been hoping for rapprochement, but he was left with no option than to receive the papers when the lawyers cornered him at his hotel in London. The decree absolute, which will effectively end the marriage, is expected to be issued soon while terms of the divorce will be worked out by the lawyers on both sides.
Really sad they couldn't resolve their issues.

Legendary Comedienne Joan Rivers Now On Life Support, Needs Miracle To Survive

The 81-year-old's daughter Melissa, seen here with her mom last year, is in New York and at her mother's bedside at Mount Sinai Hospital 
Joan Rivers(Left) with daughter Melissa
Following been rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during a throat surgery on Thursday, veteran comedienne Joan Rivers is now on life support, TMZ has revealed.
In fact, sources close to the legendary comedian say she is completely reliant on machines to stay alive.
According to the sources, the family will have to decide in the next couple of days whether to keep the 81-year-old on life support. The family however remains hopeful that if they do decide to turn off the machines, she will make a turn for the better and fight through it.
The E! Fashion Police lead host, and comedienne was her witty self less than 12 hours before she stopped breathing.  She was her usual irrepressible self, making jokes about her own longevity and mortality to an audience of around 100- her last public appearance.
Her daughter Melissa, 46, released a statement yesterday, thanking everyone for their messages of support and gave a brief update on her mother's condition.
She said:
'My mother would be so touched by the tributes and prayers that we have received from around the world.
'Her condition remains serious but she is receiving the best treatment and care possible. We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts as we pray for her recovery.'

Star: Joan Rivers (pictured here in 2012 at the New York Fashion Week) has been a fixture of American life for more than 50 years and she is celebrated for her acerbic witHer Fashion Police co-hosts have also taken to twitter to express their grief and pray for her recovery.
Juliana Rancic wrote:
'Praying for @Joan_Rivers and @MelRivers,' Mrs Rancic wrote Saturday morning. 'Even though Joan's the 
the strongest woman I know, every single prayer counts. I love you, Joan.'
A seemingly heartsick Kelly Osbourne called the 81-year-old co-presenter her ‘grandma’ and added the hashtag 'inconsolable.’ She wrote:
'4 the first time in years I got down on my knees & prayed tonight! I encourage U 2 do the same.'
Charly Sheen, Donald Trump are also among other celebrities who have prayed for the energetic entertainment mogul.
Joan has had a career spanning over 60 years, making people laugh with her witty, acerbic sense of humor.
I really pray she recovers, love her so much.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Breakup & More: 8 Shocking Celebrity Splits

In Hollywood, some celeb couples just aren’t meant to be. Check out our gallery of the 8 most shocking recent celebrity splits!

We love when our favorite celebrity couples strike up a romance, and we hate it when they breakup. From Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon to Nicholas Hoult andJennifer has rounded up the biggest recent splits in Hollywood!

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Split

After six years and two children together, Mariah and Nick have broken up. Nick confirmed the sad news the The Insider on Aug. 21.
“There is trouble in paradise,” Nick told The Insider. “We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”
3m360 learned EXCLUSIVELY from a source that behind-the-scenes fighting drove them apart. “This back-and-forth has been going on with them for months now,” our source revealed. “The arguing and stupid fights about bullsh*t just got to the both of them.
“They both didn’t want to live under the same roof if they’d be fighting. They didn’t want the staff to know and of course they kept that away from the kids.”
Despite their differences, we also found out that Mariah and Nick are taking the breakup “equally hard.” The couple is trying to do what’s best for the sake of their twins,Moroccan and Monroe. Mariah and Nick are keeping things civil and working out adivorce agreementjennifer-lawrence-nicholas-hoult-split-for-good-gty-ftr

Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult Breakup

This was a breakup we didn’t see coming. These X-Men co-stars were just so cute! Rumors started flying that these young stars had split after Nicholas was spotted flirting with Riley Keough on July 23.
found out EXCLUSIVELY that these two had gone their separate ways. “Though they are currently broken up, most of their mutual friends believe that love will find a way and that they will get back together in the future,” a source revealed to EXCLUSIVELY.
Even though we loved their adorable PDA at the awards shows, these two are probably done for good. After all, JLaw is currently dating Coldplay’s Chris Martin, 37!

5yr old girl sustains horrific injuries after being allegedly attacked in school

5 year old AvaLynn was nearly disfigured when she was allegedly attacked by another pupil at her Elementary school in Mississippi this week. The most bizarre thing about this story is that the school is maintaining that she was not attacked, rather she got the horrific injuries in an accident while playing on the playground. Makes no sense. This looks more like a vicious attack to me.

Her mother and other relatives have opened a Facebook page for the young girl to tell what happened to her and share photos of her injuries, while seeking for justice. Below is what they wrote on the Facebook page about the incident...
"On Tuesday, August 26, 2014, Lacey Harris was called go come pick up her daughter at Arlington Elementary School in Pascagoula, Mississippi, because AvaLynn had been injured in an accident. The sight Lacey found when she got to Ava's school was a parents' nightmare: her face swollen, cut, and bruised beyond recognition." Continue...
Lacey rushed Ava to the family pediatrician, who burst into tears upon seeing the Ava's battered visage. Fortunately, the doctor determined that it is unlikely that Ava would have any permanent physical damage. Mental and emotional damage is another story altogether.

AvaLynn informed Lacey that she was assaulted by another student: that she was kicked repeatedly in the face until she fell off of the slide on the school's playground. The school informed Lacey were no teachers present when the incident occurred, and because of that, no one could prove whether or not another student had harmed Ava.
After days of Lacey, friends, and family members reaching out to local news stations and to Facebook and other social media bodies, the school finally released a statement: AvaLynn was injured as the result of an accident, one that involved no other children. Although a police report was filed, Pascagoula Police Department states that they are not investigating the situation.
The school basically claims that Ava injured herself, as all the photos depicting her injuries will debunk. The local PD claims that there has been no criminal act, which the injury photos also disprove.
So now we've taken this to Facebook, asking everyone out there to please share this page, to please share AvaLynn's story. We need this to reach as many people as possible so that this little girl will not go without justice. Please share this with your friends, your relatives, and all your local news outlets. Please help us get the answers and the justice that our little angel deserves.
The Pascagoula School District issued the following statement about the incident:
"A student was injured while playing on the playground at Arlington Elementary School Tuesday afternoon. School officials responded to the situation. The parent was contacted and the student received medical treatment. No other children were involved in the incident. The Pascagoula School District remains committed to the safety of all its students."

The mother of the girl, Lacey Harris (pictured above with AvaLynn), wrote on Friday night:
“As much as my heart is broken for my daughter, I am also amazed by the outpouring of love and support from our family, friends, Oasis church family and our community. Thank you so much for your concern, kind words, prayers, thoughts, shares, and donation. We ask that you continue these kind gestures.”
How do you fall and receive such injuries? This school should be temporarily shut down pending investigation.

ABUJA WASH WASH: How to spot a fake Abuja big boy

Last time we 'learnt' how to spot a 'fake Abuja big babe' (see that here), now lets learn how to stop a 'fake Abuja big boy' as written by Premium Times Chinenye Ugonna. Enjoy below...
These guys are always well-dressed with flashy cars. Some of them are even from rich homes. You see them looking like a bag of money, meanwhile nothing in their bank accounts.
There is nothing wrong with looking good and not having money to back it up. There is only something wrong when you are doing it for packaging. Continue...

1. Always with the fake accent: Apparently, this is not exclusive to the babes. The male FABBs use all the accents in the world; British, American and Nigerian accent all muddled up in one. If they are talking to a babe who probably lived in the UK with a British accent, their accent automatically changes just to impress. Please, embrace your Nigerian accent, whether it is an Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa accent, be proud of it. You don’t see an American man trying to talk like a Nigerian.

2. He only dates working girls: This is a highly defining character of the male FABB. They do not date jobless babes. If you don’t have a J -O -B, then it’s onto the next one. They do not want to be bothered about taking care of a babe who’s probably still in school or sharing CV about. That is not in their dictionary of potential girlfriends.

3. He drives the flashiest of flashy cars: Warning: Don’t be deceived, the car belongs to their father or uncle.

4. He always has a political connection: A typical Abuja boy is always related to some politician or influential person. The politicians are always their uncle but hardly ever their father. Sometimes, it could even be a politician they have met once- he becomes their uncle.

5. He is a mummy’s boy: Most of the rich male FABBs live off the wealth of their family who still pay for everything they own. If you know a guy who lives in a very expensive duplex in Maitama but does not have a regular job, check that guy! They probably even get monthly allowance from their parents every month as grown men. Hey, not judging, you do you.

6. He immediately introduces you to his family/friends: Imagine you meet this nice looking guy in Abuja, and before you know it, he has introduced you to his family and friends. In your mind, you are thinking that you are an iyawo (wife in the Yoruba language), not knowing you are girlfriend no. 9.

7. He spontaneously proposes to you after a short period of dating: They tell you that you are a wife material or even propose marriage so they can be living off their new working class babe. You would cook, clean and before you know it, you have turned to their provider. Their food, shelter, and clothing would be taken care of by the working class babe. They start with “Please, borrow me N10, 000, I would pay you back.” Next time, it’s N20, 000 and then it keeps increasing. Of course, the babe will never get her money back. If you are guilty of this, it’s not good o! It should be a joint effort.

8. He only remembers his babe on Thursdays: This is the time to remember all the hook-ups they have forgotten from Monday to Wednesday. They need to get a babe to turn up with during the weekend. If Halima doesn’t respond, Salewa will. After all there are many fishes in the sea.

9. He doesn’t have a proper job: This is not referring to the guys who genuinely work/hustle for their money from Monday to Friday to make ends meet. Thumbs up! This is for the guys who claim they work during the week but people still cannot point a finger on what they do. On Friday, they would be the first to update their status with: “Turn up weekend, TGIF”.

10. He’s always the first to pop bottles in the club: They are always the first to order bottles just to impress. When it’s time to pay, they would remember they have to go to the bathroom. It’s not by force to pop champagne. After popping and being forced to pay, they come home to eat noodles. Bear in mind that the money would have bought you a nice plate of jollof rice and a big fat chicken.

So, there you have the Fake Abuja Big Boy, FABB away.

Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus & More: 10 Stars Who Bared Their Sexy Butts


Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere in Hollywood! Celebs love to bare their sexy backsides and has a gallery full of the hottest celebs who’ve showed off their butts!
Hello there, celebrity butts! The sexiest celebs, including Nicki Minaj, 31, Jennifer Lopez, 44, and Miley Cyrus, 21, just love to draw attention to their backsides. Check out our gallery of hot Hollywood stars who’ve flaunted their butts for everyone to see!

Nicki Minaj Flaunts Bare Butt In ‘Anaconda’ Video

Oh my goodness! Nicki didn’t hold back in her new music video for “Anaconda.”

She wants everyone to know she loves her butt! First and foremost, we have to remind you of that crazy (and sexy) cover photo she released to promote her new song. Nicki posed in a thong and flaunted that voluptuous booty for the world to see. 
Even celebs like Trey Songz and Miley just had to comment on Nicki’s backside. Trey told EXCLUSIVELYthat he thought “Nicki’s a*s was crazy.” Miley joked about the “Anaconda” cover with her hilarious “Hannahconda” photo.
To top it all off, Nicki finally released her“Anaconda” music video. It was all about the butts. The video was oh so sexy and Nicki had no problem shaking her butt in the nearly five minute video. We have to say, no one has a butt quite like Nicki!

Jennifer Lopez’s New Cover — So Much ‘Booty’

Take notes, younger celebs. Jennifer Lopez may be 44, but she’s got one of the sexiest butts in Hollywood. JLo is the ultimate “Booty” shaker, especially when we got a look at the cover for her new song.
Jennifer and Iggy Azalea, 24, showed off their sexy backsides for the “Booty” remix.
With a song titled “Booty,” it’s practically guaranteed that JLo would flaunt her butt. Jennifer and Iggy’s butts were toned and totally H-O-T.


Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union Wed: See Their First Wedding Photo

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union Wedding

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Are Married

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade married on Aug. 30, and the first wedding photo of the happy couple is absolutely stunning. Check it out!

Gabrielle Union, 41, and Dwyane Wade, 32, wed in a lavish ceremony in Miami on Aug. 30 in front of family and friends, and their first wedding photo is absolutely stunning. Take a look below!

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union’s Wedding Photo: First Pic of The Married Couple

Serious question: has Gabrielle aged at all in 20 years? Does she have Benjamin Button disease? She is glowing in her first photo as Mrs. Dwyane Wade, wearing a traditional Dennis Basso gown, according to People

Click HERE To See Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade’s First Wedding Photo

Much like John Legend, 35, serenaded Kim and Kanye at their wedding, the “All Of Me” singer was also on hand to perform at Gabrielle and Dwyane’s union, says People.
The happy couple tied the knot at the Chateau Artisan in Miami Beach, Florida, reports MailOnlineand their guests surely had an amazing time at their “1930s era juke joint” party at the reception!

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Have Been Together Since 2009

Gabrielle and Dwyane began dating in 2009. The two separated briefly in 2013 following busy schedules and career demands which made it difficult for them to spend enough time together, during which time Dwyane fathered a child namedXavier with a longtime friend; however, Dwyane and Gabrielle reconciled and he popped the question in Dec. 2013, one month after Xavier’s birth.
This is Gabrielle and Dwyane’s second marriage; Gabrielle had been married to NFL player Chris Howard from 2001 to 2006, and Dwyane was married to high school girlfriend Siohvaughn Funches from 2001 to 2010 following a lengthy court battle (they separated in 2007).

9 year old boy slaps the heck out of his mum after finding her high on heroine on the street


A 9 year boy who found his mum high on heroine on the street, slapped the shit out her in a shocking video that was posted on instagram. The distraught little boy can be heard screaming "mummy, wake up. Can you talk to me? Wake up" while the woman stares blankly at him, making him slap her again and again. Feel so sad for the child. With a mum like this, he's probably raising himself. He shouldn't have hit her like that but I can understand his frustration. See the very sad video after the cut.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Enugu state gets new deputy Governor

48 hours after Sunday Onyebuchi was impeached as the deputy governor of Enugu state for rearing chickens in his official quarters, members of the Enugu state house of Assembly today Aug. 28th, confirmed clergy man and politician, Ralph Nwoye (pictured above) as the new deputy governor of the state.

Mr Ralph Nwoye, a pastor of the Christ Ascension Church in Enugu, is said to be a former Local government chairman. He is expected to be sworn-in as deputy governor soon.

Father cleared of murdering drunk driver who killed his two young sons

David Barajas (pictured above) has been acquitted by a jury in Texas court after he allegedly shot dead the man who killed his two young sons, David Jr 12, and Caleb, 11. Barajas had been standing trial over the shooting death of Jose Banda, 20, who was found dead in his car shortly after an accident in Houston, Texas.

According to prosecutors, David Barajas and his sons had been driving home on the day of the incident when they ran out of fuel near their home. He then asked his two sons to get down from the car and help push it. As the boys were pushing the car, a drunk Banda crashed into the back of his car instantly crushing his sons to death. Prosecutors say an angry Barajas returned home to retrieve his gun which he then used to shoot Banda with a single gunshot to the head.

When Barajas went to court for the killing, he was found not guilty of the murder. Continue...

According to USA Today, a jury found that there was not enough evidence to convict the father and there were celebrations in court. After the verdict, Barajas said;
"I thank God. This has been hard on me and my family. A lot of weight's been lifted off my back. I'm hurt about it. It hurt me from the beginning, on top of the hurt that I was already feeling because of my sons."
Police searched Barajas house where they found an empty gun holster and ammunition. However, a gun was never found and forensics tests found no trace of gunpowder on his hands.

Burna Boy Burnt on Twit addresses 'something' on Twitter...

He tweeted this a few minutes ago and then deleted it. Don't know what its about. See another tweet after the cut...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Man arrested for killing school pupil after she refused his sexual advances

The Ebonyi state police command has arrested 28 year old Sunday Nwali for allegedly killing a pupil miss Chioma Ezekwele of Kingdom Secondary School in Ikweator Idembia in Ezza South Local Government of Ebonyi state after she refused his sexual advances.
Parading the suspect before newsmen at the state police command in Abakaliki the state capital, the state Police Commissioner, Mr Maigari Dikko said Nwali aka Machine in company of his friends named Chukwuma Eloma and Friday Ebenyi had gone to the hostel of the school where they accosted late Chioma and her friend Sandra. He demanded sex from Chioma which she refused and in annoyance, he shot her dead. He then asked her friend Sandra to have sex with him and in fear, she agreed. He took her to a nearby bush where he raped her and then fled the scene. Continue...
'Chioma resisted a move by Nwali to have carnal knowledge of her and in annoyance, he shot her dead. He then dragged Sandra to a nearby bush, defiled  her and ran away. His two accomplices, who were later identified by Sandra, were arrested and charged to court for conspiracy/murder.” the Commissioner said
Nwali was recently involved in a murder case after he and his gang killed the three year old son of one Mr Orie Okorie who they gone to assassinate in Effium in Ebonyi state. 


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Monday, August 11, 2014

Woman who was brutally beaten by her husband over fish gets her day in court

Fatima got 26 stitches on her face after she was brutalized by her husband over fish she took. Hope he goes to jail for this. In case you missed it, read her story

main story

Woman's face gets 26 stitches after husband batters her over piece of fish

For taking a piece of fish from the cooking pot, 34 year old Fatima Bankole (pictured above) said she got the beating of her life from her husband, Alhaji Kamoru Bankole, on Wednesday July 16th and now has 26 stitches on her face as a result of the brutal assault.

Narrating what led to the attack, Fatima, who is one of three wives, said as wives of the Alhaji, they had a roaster for cooking. She said on the day any of them cooked, they would first dish for their husband, then the children before serving themselves.

She said on the day of the attack, the last wife had finished her cooking and served their husband and the children. She, Fatima, then went for her own meal but as soon as the third wife saw her food, she immediately went to report to their husband that Fatimah had taken the largest chunk of fish in the pot. Continue...

Not listening to her explanation that she only took pieces of fish scattered in the pot, their husband descended on her with punches to her face. She said she bled for hours and was thereafter locked up in a room for three days before she found a way of escape.

She said her husband had physically assaulted her several times in the past and even gave an account of a previous attack where her husband pulled her hair until it hurt so bad it gave her head injuries.
After her escape, Fatimah was assisted to the hospital by her neighbors. Her husband has since been arrested after a petition by a Women Arise civil group in Lagos. He is expected to be in court next week.

Source: Sahara Reporters 

Chris Attoh's proposal to Damilola Adegbite photos

Actor Chris Attoh proposed to his woman actress Damilola Adegbite on Friday Night on a boat in Manhattan, New York in front of their friends. See the romantic photos after the cut...