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the music business in Nigeria is actually not encouraging people with good contents to thrive. Commercial music has carved out a massive niche for random songs done by unrehearsed proficient artistes to become successful. It has now become a norm in Nigeria that if you need to become successful you'll have to be sexually lyrical and verbally impolite; thus making contents tell only one story line which often appear to be void of variation or styles.
Because I know my songs will inevitably have to compete with these ones, I thought not to drown their goodness by singing same genre. Hence why I've chosen a range of genres and created a harmonized assorted hybrid.Since one can't sing for everyone, It will take only elite people to appreciate these songs as they are my target audience. I see myself as an interesting enlightener and a quality-control entertainer. I will also like to see that people with good contents and original concepts get a platform to propagate their works…

Man Calls Off Wedding After Church Declares His Bride Pregnant

My neighbor dressed on Saturday 22nd February to attend a wedding where the wife of the Senate President, Helen Mark,was to play hostess.  The bride, Cynthia worked for her and was said to be an orphan thus had become her adopted daughter. Few hours later, my neighbor came back sweating profusely and swearing and cursing loudly, she entered my room and came to give me this 'nollywood' gist. Let me narrate in her own words what transpired after the cut......................................  We got to the venue of the wedding at about 9am. 2hrs later and neither the bride or the groom came out. After guests started getting impatient, the groom came out, took the microphone and announced to the astonished guests that he was no longer interested in the marriage! 
Turned out that the the Redeemed christian church of God RCCG that was supposed to wed them had conducted a pregnancy test the day before the wedding and the result turned out POSITIVE. 
 Where th…

KCee & His Label Are Being Sued For N20 Million By Kevin Lucciano Of QuestionMark Entertainment

PMAN (Performing Musician’s & Artistes of Nigeria) president & QuestionMark Entertainment owner, Kevin Luciano, the label that discovered the likes of Asa & Cobhams has filed a N20m ($117,000) lawsuit against KCEE’s Five Star Music. This according to NET, who report that the lawsuit was filed against singer Harrysong who is signed to KCee’s Five Star Music for allegedly breaching his contract with QuestionMark, and also against Five Star Music for entering into a new contract with Harry Song despite knowing that he was yet to serve out his contract with his former label. Harrysong wrote KCEE’s hit song ‘Limpopo’, he is also the man behind the Nelson Mandelatribute song which is said to be the most downloaded caller tune ever with over a million downloads on the day of its release. A source from Question Mark’s camp told NET that before filing the suit, Luciano had exhausted all efforts to reach an amicable settlement with Harry Song and KCEE’s Five Star Music. The source went …

Shocker! Following Several Cheating Scandals, Robin Thicke & Wife Paul Patton End Twenty Year Union!

Call me delusional but I always thought Robin Thicke & Paula Patton would be one of those Hollywood couples that lasted forever, despite rumours of them having an open marriage…I hear they have threesomes & multiple sexcapades. But I guess after months of cheating scandals Paula Patton has had enough. The couple who started dating when they were just teenagers, she was 18 and he was 16, today announced their separation in a statement which said “We will always love each other and be best friends,” the singer and his actress wife tell Us in a statement. “However, we have mutually decided to separate at this time.” The couple wed in 2005 & had a son, Julian in 2010. Robin Thicke had the biggest success of his career last year with his hit song “Blurred Lines” & it seems the once lovable R & B  singer became a douche bag as he enjoyed the kind of success he had only ever dreamed of, with pictures of him openly flirting with random chicks popping up online. There was the pic…

EXCLUSIVE NEWS| I’m Addicted To Sex, I Must Have Sex Everyday’- Maheeda Reveals In a Recent Interview

! Controversial singer, Maheeda who was once a prostitute is known for sharing raunchy pictures of herself in a recent interview reveals that her fans should expect more from her.

The mother of one who has been married to her husband for two years now doesn't seem to bother or care about what anyone thinks of her as she discusses her love for sex, boys, and shares her story before the naked pictures.


Do you feel by taking off your clothes at every chance you get, that you are sending a good message to your daughter?

I don’t know, because the way people take things are very different. My daughter is now 13, and I once sat my daughter down and asked her what she thought about my video, and she just said ‘Why did you take your clothes off’, and I said I wanted to get attention, and she was like, ‘Okay’. You know the orientation in Europe is completely different from around here.

You seem to derive a lot of pleasure from flaunting your private parts. Why?
Honestly, some years back,…

EXCLUSIVE NEWS| DAMN! WTF Happened To Britney Spears? You’ll Never Believe What She Looks Like Now! [DISTURBING PHOTOS]

Jeez! Britney Spears is 32-years-old, but she’s come a LONG way since her ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ days!!! Brit appeared a bit tired with her make-up wearing off and hair a mess. 

See the big difference in her face below..and tell us what you think!

Vote Nigeria's very own Oluwatobi Paul Martin's in the Samsung lunching people project ( vote appy song )

About this projectDue to my inability to play any musical instrument, the idea is to use apps to make very good music. My aim is to become an authority or a household name in the music industry. I intend to open the eyes of other people like me who have settled with various reasons why they should never pursue their dreams. I'm very creative I have written lots of poems and songs before now hence I think it's time to take it to the next level. I have a Masters degree in Arts Design & Humanity; I'm UK-Based!

Dear Aburo,My name is Lori Tosan and I am the Features Co-editor for 3M360  MAGAZINE We love your video are would like to run a story about you!
What is your name, background and education? 
My name is Oluwatobi Paul Martins (ABURO) and I am a yorubA (Aburoy) u from Ogun/Ondo State. I was born in Lagos and lived there till 1999 when I had to relocate to Abuja with my parents. In 2010, after my NYSC I moved to UK to further my studies. I am a Graduate of Architecture…

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