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Woman Caught With Day Old Baby In Sack

A 40-year old widow who simply identified herself as Mujidat was caught on Wednesday with a dead day old baby she hid inside a sack around her residence at 2, Reverend Alimi Street, NEPA Phase I, Ijagemo in Iba Local Council Development Area of Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.
P.M.NEWS learnt that a member of the community, High Chief Babatunde Balogun caught the mother of seven when she was  trying to dispose the baby at about 5 p.m. on Wednesday.
•Mujidat with the dead baby
•Mujidat with the dead baby
When questioned on the content of the sack, she claimed she was coming from the market where she bought some household items.
However, on a closer look, Balogun discovered that the sack contained a dead day old baby the woman allegedly had just delivered.
He then called the attention of the other residents. Neighbours told P.M.NEWS that after Mujidat’s husband known as Baba Mushin died about three years ago, they have seen men visiting her residence, the house built by her late husband.
When asked if she planned to throw away the baby because of an alleged paternity mess, she denied, claiming  that a welder turned block maker near her residence was responsible for the pregnancy that resulted in the birth of the dead baby she was caught with. .
She claimed she took delivery of the baby by herself because she found it easy and therefore did not go to any hospital or sought anybody’s  help.
At about 9 p.m yesterday when P.M.NEWS visited the area, residents of the area were still milling around the residence of the woman.
Officials of the Community Development Association, CDA, in the area later accompanied the woman and her sack of baby to the Isheri-Oshun Police Division where the matter was reported. At the time of this report, the woman was still being interrogated.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Six Naval Officers Beat Teacher to Stupor

If not for the quick intervention of the Commandant of the Nigerian Navy Secondary School,Onikoko, Adigbe area of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital today, a teacher in the school would have died.
It all happened this morning when six naval rating officers pounced on one of the civilian teachers in the school and beat him to stupor over a minor argument between them.
The victim, Rasheed Ibrahim, on his sick bed, after he was revived by the medical team of the Federal Medical Centre, Idi Aba, Abeokuta at the emergency ward, thanked God for the intervention of the Commandant, without which he would have been killed by the naval
Ibrahim, a Senior Food and Nutrition teacher in the school since 1998 was ordered rushed by the commandant first to the the School sickbay for first aid treatment from where he was transferred to the FMC, Abeokuta.
Ibrahim, victim of naval ratings brutality
Ibrahim, victim of naval ratings brutality
An eyewitness,who is also the Sports Master of the School, Mr.Mathew Olukunle Oduronmbi, told P.M. News that trouble started following an argument between the victim and one of the rating officers identified as Aliyu. This later snowballed into some commotion in the school premises.
According to Oduronmbi,”I saw them arguing, the argument dragged for a short time, I felt that it was a minor argument, so I did not intervene . It happened around 7:15 am, at that time , I saw Aliyu trying to drag Mr Ibrahim out of his car and he succeeded.Another officer, Oyerinde later instructed Aliyu to beat him up. That was how the whole issue started.In the process, another Senior Officer, Shodiya came out from his vehicle and joined them,while other rating
officers pounced on him to the extent that they used their thick belts on him until it got tore into pieces .All my attempt and that of others to pacify them was rebuffed .
“This was not the first time it will happen, this is the sixth time in two years that civilians working in the School here have been brutalised and nothing has been done”, he explained.
Ibrahim, the victim said he was beaten for no just cause. He claimed that the officers accused him of abusing one of them, which was a wrong accusation.
According to him,”almost all the parts of my body are paining me now. I have pains on my head and my back.My ribs are also affected and you can see bruises in all parts of my body, I dont know the condition of my back now because the Doctors said they are still going to do general
examination on my body, but the back is seriously paining me”.
Narrating how it all happened, the victim said, “when I got to the gate of the school this morning—normally when we get there, a rating officer will check our car . So, I was expecting them to come out, they didn’t come out.There were two buses at the gate blocking the
entrance. I called one of the officers, Aliyu to ask for what was
going on and he just flared up with me and I was surprised what might
have caused that.
“Suddenly, another rating officer, Oyerinde who was in the security
post threw a stone on my car, and when I demanded for such action from
me, both of them engaged me. They were later joined by one of the
Senior Officer,Mr Shodiya,who ordered that the men should beat me and
they were joined by other Officers and they all pounced on me .
“They used their iron belts to beat me, dragged me on the floor, used
sticks and every other things available to beat me .People that were
there tried to stop them, they refused to stop until the Commandant
came out, by then, I had gone into coma.
When PM News contacted the Commandant of the School, Commodore M A
Olatunji on phone to comment on the matter, he neither confirmed nor
denied the incident, but declined to comment on it, saying he need to
get clearance from the authority before he could make any comment.
“Before I can talk on any incident, I have to get a clearance from the
higher authority and I also need to see the person I am talking to”,

Jim Iyke Accused of Impregnating Top Lagos Business Man Daughter

Nancy Alofinaka photo
Nollywood controversial actor,Jim Iyke Reportedly Impregnates Nancy Alofinaka; Top Lagos Business Man’s Daughter, Mr. Alofinaka
This is really bad news for Jim and Nadia, would they be able to deal with this at the peak of their relationship?
A top business man Mr. Alofinaka based in Lagos, his daughter has finally open up to her father, Mr Alofinaka, that James Ikechukwu Esomugha popularly called “Jim Iyke” is responsible for her pregnancy, the mass communication girl, Nancy Alofinaka, fromuniversity of calabar also explain how Jim collected close to 2million in the disguise torenovate his house in lagos.
Nadia Buari, present Jim Iyke’s girlfriend was interviewed on this, and she told news men yesterday that, the girl was paid to tarnish Jim Iyke’s reputation. But how true? Judge for your self. Who dey lie, who dey talk truth?

Mikel Obi Sets To Marry Rita Dominic

mike rita
Different news have been stirring up on social media and everyone has been wondering if there’s been any affair between Chelsea player Mikel Obi and popular actress Rita Dominic.
Sources claim Mikel Obi and Rita Dominic, do not seem to be just normal friends as pictures of them hanging out in different places were sent to FNN headquarters. It wasn’t just the pictures but the kind of intimacy shown in the pictures.
Speaking with one of Mikel’s aides, he said he was sent by Mikel to go scout for good expensive ring. He also made it clear that Mikel hasn’t been known with so many women, so all fingers point at Rita Dominic.
He also flew alone to Abuja immediately after the sunday game, and he has been sighted with Rita two times afterwards.

Funmi Iyanda finally talks about how NTA shut down her show for interviewing a gay man

Exceptionally brilliant TV talk show host Funmi Iyanda has finally opened up about how Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) shut down her live shows after she interviewed openly gay Nigerian man, Bisi Alimi, on her popular breakfast show, New Dawn, in 2004.

I remember this story pretty well. After Bisi Alimi appeared on that show his life changed forever. He couldn't even return to UNILAG where he was a student at the time. He was forced to go into hiding and eventually relocated abroad. Read Funmi's story after the cut...

It’s a good thing my meddling mum took Musibau off his alcoholic dad just before that wretch of a father was sent to jail for raping a minor. My mother went missing a year later so I never saw Musibau again but that’s another story.

He was 15 but he looked 12, l was seven but l looked 10. People generally looked weird in my neighbourhood, but nobody thought anyone one weird – odd maybe but life was odd wasn’t it?

Musibau was the first to run into Miss John who spoke Queen’s English and walked like a girl. Everybody called him Miss John, I have no idea why. But we were interested in him because we needed to walk through his garden to climb into Baba Olugbo’s compound for the agbalumo tree.

Nobody dared walked through Baba Olugbo’s compound to get to that tree. He was a wealthy molue bus entrepreneur with seven wives, a distended, shirtless stomach, marijuana thickened growl and a fast horsewhip for clueless kids.

I had four older sisters and two younger brothers but I felt closest to Musibau perhaps because we had a shared tendency to get into trouble and a common dislike of Nureni. Nureni was crippled by childhood polio and so dragged himself around on his muscular torso except when he went to school wearing his leg braces and crutches, which made him vulnerable.

We did not like Nureni; he had a caustic tongue, a reptilian ability to wrestle you down then strangle you and was genius at maths. He was faster moving dragging himself than he was on his crutches. He hated those crutches but he really liked Mulika.

Mulika was one of the two daughters of Alhaji Abara whose two wives wore hijabs so you couldn’t tell one from the other. I of course could; Mulika’s mother was the one with the two Pelé on her cheeks, right above her haughty cheekbones. A stunning woman. I knew because I saw them in the women’s quarters every time I went to play with Mulika, who had inherited her mother’s looks.

We all loved Alhaji Abara because he had the best spread for breaking fasts at Ramadan. It didn’t matter whether you were Christian, Animist or Muslim. You could come break the fast on divine akara, even if you didn’t fast. He used to say only Allah sees the good heart. We all attended Koran classes because it was fun and then went to church on Sunday because of the music and dancing.

My mother didn’t mind us going to church and Koran classes, in fact she supplemented all that with occasional visits to seers and herbalists who read our signs and cleansed our aura. Everyone did that, even that nasty priggish Catholic Mama Uche who acted like she was the pope’s first cousin.

Miss John always pretended not to see us sneaking through his garden and jumping over Baba Olugbo’s fence to pluck some agbalumo. A few times, Baba Olugbo would see us and come running belly first, whip flaying but we always out ran him, Nureni in front and Mulika, scarf flapping, at the back.

We never got caught until the day Nureni came on those damn crutches that made him slow. Baba Olugbo caught Mulika by her scarf and I tripped over Nureni’s crutches.

We knew we were in hot soup because once Baba Olugbo finished whipping us, he’d hand us over to our respective parents each of whom would apply equal supplementary punishment. That meant my tough mother’s hour-long frog jumps, Alhaji’s half day Koran writing and Nureni’s aunty’s numbing, monotonous curses.

We didn’t mind the whipping so much, a few lashes, a couple of pain killers and we’d be back trying to get more agbalumo’s off that tree. Once you’ve been whipped, you don’t get whipped again on the same day for the same offence – even the adults had some sense.

So it was I laid on my back staring at Baba Olugbo’s protruding belly button, Nureni’s fast breathing in my ear, dreading the inevitable – when suddenly Miss John walked up.

Perhaps it was his Queen’s English or our lucky day but he gently took the whip off Baba Olugbo’s clenched wrist and laughingly told him he had asked us to get some of the ripe agablumo for him seeing as it was abundant.

Baba Olugbo did not want to look like a mingy old fart; he was after all a rich man with political ambition. He grudgingly let us go, and I swore to Nureni and Musibau later that I saw Miss John wink out of a kohl-lined eye.

I remembered this story recently when I was asked why I, as a straight celebrity, a word I dislike, I support Bisi Alimi and LGBT rights.

Nigeria of today seems completely homophobic, xenophobic and religiously polarized as though that is the way we always were.

This would be an incomplete narrative. The way we are today is a result of the political and economic breakdown of our country, a topic for another day. However the ensuing widening income gaps, extreme poverty, illiteracy and crime has encouraged distrust and exclusion at every level.

My sense of justice, fairness and rationality supersede any latent sense of social propriety. Gay rights, civil rights, religious rights, gender rights, child rights are human rights. Justice, equity and fairness are my idea of morality.

I was a little girl who grew up in the same neighbourhood as gay Miss John, Muslim cleric Alhaji Abara, disabled Nureni, Mulika in her headscarves and pious Catholic Igbo Mama Uche.

I saw differences in ethnicity; religion, gender, class and sexuality but these differences did not carry judgement. We lived together mostly harmoniously; any lack of harmony was on account of individual bad behaviour not genetic differences or lifestyle choices.

I miss that Nigeria. I guess in a way l still live in that Nigeria in my head.

And that was why in 2004 I risked my career to put Bisi on my sofa and conduct Nigeria’s first interview of an openly gay man on national television.

Bisi and I did pay a hefty price for that action, he more than myself.

Was it worth it? I’m afraid l have never had the luxury of absolute self-congratulations or flagellation. What I do know is, at that moment, it felt right. And every moment since then, it has felt right.

I do what feels right by a conscience conditioned by my justice-minded, meddling mother, a childhood experiencing the beauty of diversity and a belief in our common humanity.

Perhaps the childhood I speak about was a dream. If that is the case then that dream is my vision of the future to come for Nigeria.

Another Nollywood Actor Ray Daniels Okeugo Is Dead

An actor in the Nollywood film industry has died after a brief illness.

Ray Daniels Okeugo died on the evening of Friday the 25th of October 2013, in Lagos, Nigeria a the age of 33.

Okeugo used to act in many soap operas and home videos before taking into photography. His burial arrangement is being planned by Lagos state chapter of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) led by Victor Osuagu.

Below is a statement by Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation:


It is with deep regret that we announce the passing on of our friend, brother and member Ray Daniels Okeugo. This incident took place on the evening of Friday the 25th of October 2013, in Lagos, Nigeria. Until the mentioned day, he was a founding member of Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation, and has been behind every success of the Organisation’s activities since its inception. As a photographer and an actor in the Nollywood film industry, he will be remembered for his unquenchable energy. He exudes the demeanour of “the last man standing”, and this goes a long way to highlight our shock at his sudden exit from this world, after just a brief illness. Everyone who knew him can attest to the fact that he carried within him an undying urge towards selflessness. He made himself readily available and good to go no matter the situation. We will miss him everyday henceforth, and nothing will ever be the same with his indefinite absence. But in all, we will hold on to the good memories we shared with him. We may have lost him, but he has not lost his place in us – his legacy will be upheld by this organisation which benefited immensely from his nature always to give.

Our heartfelt condolence goes out to his family and friends, and we wish them strength to bear this irreplaceable loss.

Ray, we wish you a pleasant journey onwards.

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Yoruba Actress, Janet Atayero-Oluseye Is Dead

Tragic period of Nollywood celebrities deaths continues. The beautiful actress named Janet Atayero Oluseye, who used to be one of the prominent faces of Yoruba genre of Nollywood, has passed away.
Janet, who got married just a year ago, to Olalekan Oluseye, died at the age of 32 on Wednesday 23th of October, 2013.
The member of Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioner (ANTP), Ibadan chapter was with the Ojopagogo movie caucus in Ibadan until her death.
She was said to have complained of pains on her foot and couldn’t walk with it for months and subsequently her condition deteriorated even though she was treated in the hospital and with some spiritual measures.
However, Janet Atayero Oluseye didn’t survive and was buried in Lagos, the same day she died

Another Plane Crash Averted At The Nnamdi Azikwe Airport in Abuja

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja

Another air disaster was averted at the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport, Abuja on Monday as a Med-View Airlines aircraft from Lagos suddenly took to the air again at the point of landing in Abuja.

The pilot told the passengers that he took to the air again to avoid a collision with another aircraft on the tarmac.

The airline Flight VL2104 took off from the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos at noon and was scheduled to land in Abuja at about 1.05pm.


The pilot had already announced final descent into Abuja and asked all passengers and cabin crew to fasten their seat belts but the pilot suddenly took off to the air again with barely 30 seconds to touch ground.

The plane had 150 passengers on board.

After about three minutes of gaining altitude, the pilot announced that he decided to take off again to avoid colliding with an aircraft that was on ground.

He said that after he had been granted clearance to land, it was later discovered that the other aircraft was not fast enough, hence his decision to take off.

The aircraft hovered for another 20 minutes in the air before finally landing at about 1.30pm.
While the drama lasted, the passengers were panic-stricken, especially when the plane entered into turbulent weather on air.

Source  said that among the passengers were five different complete families.

One of the passengers, a nursing mother, who was breastfeeding her son at the time the pilot took off again reportedly withdrew the breast from the boy’s mouth and started praying profusely while the baby’s cry rented the air.

When the plane finally landed, the passengers struggled to disembark.

Are you still sitting down? Let me rush down in case it will suddenly take off again,” a middle-aged man was heard teasing one of his co-passengers.
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Christy Essien Igbokwe Memorial Foundation

We all know Mummy Christy was a very charitable person who strongly believed that service to humanity is service to God. Before her death she planned to launch her foundation ‘The Christy Essien Igbokwe Foundation’ and release her 11th album on the 11th day of November 2011 (11/11/11). She was able to achieve some studio recording for this well anticipated album and we intend to keep her dream and vision alive by launching it alongside her greatest hits. Thus we came up with programs to drive her legacy – and to emphasise what she lived for.
This will be achieved through a world class event where tribute will be paid to her, her new album “ALL OF A SUDDEN” will be launched along with her GREATEST HITS, and the grand launch of the Christy Essien Igbokwe Memorial Foundation. This event will take place on the 17th of November 2013 at Intercontinental Hotel Lagos. Red carpet will start by 4pm main event 6pm. We would like to celebrate her art, her style and her charitable gesture to humanity. Thus the event is tagged ‘CHRISTY HER HEART ART AND STYLE’.
Since the event is strictly by invitation we're giving out invitations to fans via an essay competition tagged "How well do you know the Lady of Songs" where they'll log into the official website and upload their 250 word essay to win Invites, Cds and other consolation prizes. Our Tvc for both the Official Launch and the essay competion are already on youtube, these are the links

Lady Gaga Storms London In Ghost Halloween Costume (Photos)

Oct 28, 2013 – Lady Gaga Storms London Event In Ghost Halloween Dress (Pictures)
This is what American singer Lady Gaga wore to an event in London on Friday.
Exactly 3 years after the Bad Romance singer claims she’s being haunted by a male ghost named Ryan, she has made her first public appearance looking exactly like a ghost.
In November 2010, Lady Gaga told a UK Newspaper that she’s being haunted by a male spirit named Ryan who travels the world with her.
She claims she’s very terrified by the ghost Ryan because he refused to leave her alone.
Since then, Lady Gaga has spent tons of money to get rid of the “annoying” ghost spirit but to no avail.
So in London on Friday, Lady Gaga stormed an event dressed in white ghost costume.
She arrived in the United Kingdom dressed in a scary Miss Havisham Style dress with no underwear and shoes.
Not keen to follow in other peoples’ fashion footsteps, Gaga boldly ignores the trend for big, bushy eyebrows a la Cara Delevingne and opted instead, for bleach-blonde brows.
The tattooed singer accessorized her bizarre look by painting her hands and feet white, but Gaga mustn’t of had any shoes that complimented her spooky chic ensemble – so she decided to go barefoot on the dirty London pavement.
At the end of the show, she surprised her audience when she suddenly threw off her gown to reveal her nakedness live on stage.
What a weird lady! someone please tell her it’s a bit too early for Halloween.
Check out more photos of Lady Gaga the ghost below:

EXCLUSIVE NEWS| WATCH: Meek Mill Squashes Kendrick Lamar Beef, Brings Out Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Jadakiss & More At PowerHouse 2013 [VIDEO]

Rapper Meek Mill sure knows how to turn up his hometown. During his set at Philly's annual Powerhouse concert, Meek Milly brought out several guests ranging from his Dreamchasers Omelly and Takbar to Jadakiss and Rick Ross. 

French Montana and Nicki Minaj also walked on for "Dope Dealer" and "It's Me (I Be On That)" off Mills' Dreamchasers 3 mixtape.

The MMG rapper also gave a shout out to fallen comrade Lil Snupe and performed a new verse to his Self Made Vol. 3 single "Levels."

But the real moment worth mentioning was Mill addressing his beef with Kendrick Lamar, originally stemming from Lamar's "King of New York" lyric off Big Sean's "Control."

Backstage, Mill brushed off any hard feelings. "It ain't about who topping who," Mill told Power 99. "I got the home court advantage right now; it's like cheating."

Watch backstage interview below...

Later onstage, Mill announced the beef had been squashed. "I want to give a shout out to Kendrick Lamar in the building," Mill told the crowd during his set. "Let me break this shit down. Me and Kendrick Lamar got no beef; I fuck with the homie, but tonight we gonna let him know Meek MIlly is the fucking king around here."

Watch performance footage from the Powerhouse 2013 below.