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Wande Coal – Angel In This World (Freestyle)

Recorded over a year ago just before the release of GO LOW ,Angel In This World Produced By Shizzi is a raw unmixed version of GO LOW .

Brazilian student sells her virginity online for charity, gets $780k

Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old Brazilian college student who wants to make a "positive impact on the world," has found a curious way of doing it: Auctioning her virginity online. The winning bid of $780,000 was made by a Japanese man named Natsu, and Migliorini will reportedly donate the bulk of the money to a Brazilian initiative that builds homes for poverty stricken families in her home state in Southern Brazil.

This past month, people from all over the world bid on her chastity, from Brazilians, Americans, and Australians - but Natsu's bid of $780,000 ultimately prevailed on Oct. 24.

Catarina must then 'prove' her chastity by subjecting herself to a rigorous gynecological examination, providing the winning bidder, Natsu, with medical evidence of her virginity. Natsu will then be tested for STDs after which they will have sex in international air space aboard a flight from Australia to the U.S. to avoid local prostitution charges. Sex toys are forbidden, but a condom is compulsory

Catalina says she should not be confused with a professional sex worker. "If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute. Just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer." (Erm, not the same thing.)

I sincerely don't know if this is something to be applauded or be ashamed of. She has good intentions, but selling your body? What do you guys think?

P-Square, Bracket, Aki and Paw Paw in private jet

The A-list celebs flew in a private jet for a business trip. #bigboyztinz :-)

A warning to bloggers from K-Solo's management

K-Solo with new fiancee, Bimbo
K-Solo's estranged wife, Kikelomo, announced the birth of their son two days ago. So what is K-Solo doing here, denying the baby as his?

UK police reportedly arrest ex-rock star in BBC TV host sex scandal investigation

  • savile_1025.jpg
    FILE - This is a March 25, 2008 file photo of Sir Jimmy Savile, who for decades was a fixture on British television. A year after he died, aged 84 and honored as Sir Jimmy, several women have come forward to claim he was also a sexual predator and serial abuser of underage girls. (AP/PA)
The sex abuse scandal surrounding the late BBC children's television host Jimmy Savile widened on Sunday as police arrested former glam rock star and convicted sex offender Gary Glitter in connection with the case, British media said.
Police would not directly identify the suspect arrested Sunday, but media including the BBC and Press Association reported he was the 68-year-old Glitter.
The musician made it big with the crowd-pleasing hit "Rock & Roll (Part 2)," a mostly instrumental anthem that has been a staple at American sporting events thanks to its catchy "hey" chorus. But he fell into disgrace after being convicted on child abuse charges in Britain and Vietnam.
On Sunday, the BBC and Sky News showed footage of Glitter, who wore a hat, a dark coat and sunglasses, being taken from his home by officers and driven away.
British police do not generally identify suspects under arrest by name until they are charged. When asked about Glitter, a spokesman said only that the force arrested a man in his 60s early Sunday morning in London on suspicion of sexual offenses in connection with the Savile probe. He remains in custody in a London police station, police said.
Hundreds of potential victims have come forward since police began their investigation into sex abuse allegations against Savile, the longtime host of popular shows "Top of the Pops" and "Jim'll Fix It" who died at age 84 last year. Most allege abuse by Savile, but some said they were abused by Savile and others.
Glitter is the first suspect to be arrested in the scandal, which has raised questions about whether the BBC turned a blind eye to the alleged sexual crimes. It was not immediately clear if Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, and Savile knew each other.
Glitter rose to fame in the 1970s with a string of U.K. hits and his look of shiny jumpsuits, silver platform shoes and bouffant wigs, but his music has often been shunned since his abuse convictions. In 2006, the NFL advised its football teams not to use the Glitter version of "Rock and Roll (Part 2)" at games.
Glitter was jailed in Britain in 1999 for possessing child pornography, and convicted in 2006 in Vietnam of committing "obscene acts with children" -- offenses involving girls aged 10 and 11. He was deported back to Britain in 2008.
Police have said that though the majority of cases it is investigating related to Savile alone, some involved the entertainer and other, unidentified suspects. In addition, some potential victims who reported abuse by Savile also told police about separate allegations against unidentified men that did not involve the BBC host.
The scandal has horrified Britain with revelations that Savile cajoled and coerced vulnerable teens into having sex with him in his car, in his camper van, and even in dingy dressing rooms on BBC premises.
One witness told the BBC that she once saw Glitter having sex with a schoolgirl in Savile's dressing room at the broadcaster's TV center in the 1970s. Glitter has denied the allegations.
On Sunday, the chairman of the BBC Trust said he was committed to finding out the true scale of the scandal to save the broadcaster's reputation.
"Can it really be the case that no one knew what he was doing? Did some turn a blind eye to criminality? Did some prefer not to follow up their suspicions because of this criminal's popularity and place in the schedules?" Chris Patten wrote in The Mail on Sunday.
The BBC has set up an independent inquiry into the corporation's culture and practices in the years Savile worked there. It also launched a separate inquiry into whether its journalists dropped an investigation into the allegations.

Madonna booed after touting Obama in New Orleans concert

  • Madonna New Orleans_Cala.jpg
    FILE - In this Aug. 9, 2012 photo, Madonna performs during her concert in St. Petersburg, Russia. (AP Photo/ Alexander Demianchuk, Pool) (A2012)
Madonna drew boos and triggered a walkout by several concertgoers after she touted President Barack Obama on her "MDNA Tour" in New Orleans.
The Material Girl asked during Saturday night's performance: "Who's registered to vote?" She added: "I don't care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama." Drawing boos in touting Obama over Republican Mitt Romney, Madonna followed: "Seriously, I don't care who you vote for ... Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote."
Madonna is often outspoken. Some Colorado fans, mindful of a mass shooting there, complained she used a fake gun to shoot a masked gunman in a recent concert act in Denver.
A Madonna concert in Paris in July drew ire when a video showed a swastika on a politician's forehead.

10 dead, 145 wounded in Kaduna church bombing, attacks

A suicide attacker drove a car bomb into a church on Sunday, sparking fierce reprisals that saw a Christian mob burn a man alive in day of a bloody of violence that left at least 10 people dead and 145 wounded.
Christian youths took to the streets of the northern city of Kaduna with machetes and sticks after the blast, targeting those they believed to be Muslims as anger again boiled over due to repeated church bombings in recent months.
St. Rita’s Catholic church building, hit by suicide bombers in Kaduna on Sunday. Photo: Olu Aja
Attackers beat a motorcycle taxi driver near the church, then put his bike on top of him before dousing him with petrol and setting him on fire, an AFP correspondent who saw the violence said. Two other bloodied bodies apparently killed by the mob were seen near the church.
A rescue official on condition of anonymity also spoke of the man being burnt and said rescuers could not save him because the mob was too violent.
The mob also attacked an ambulance in the ensuing violence, but there was no indication that rescuers were wounded.
“So far we have eight dead and 145 injured from the church blast,” Musa Ilallah, regional coordinator for the National Emergency Management Agency, told AFP, noting that his death toll included the suspected bomber.
The attacker rammed what residents said was an SUV into St. Rita church, shaking the Malali neighbourhood of Kaduna, a city that has suffered a wave of deadly violence blamed on Islamist extremist group Boko Haram.
“All of a sudden it drove on high speed and rammed into the church wall, forcing its way into the church premises,” said witness Samuel Emmanuel.
“Initially I thought the driver had lost control of the vehicle. Suddenly there was a huge explosion as the car reached the church building. It was dust, fire and smoke all over.”
A spokesman for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency confirmed the bomb attack and said rescuers had been rushed to the scene.
“A number of casualties evacuated to hospitals,” said Yushau Shuaib. The incident was suspected to be triggered by a suicide bomber in a car.”
An AFP correspondent said mobs were yelling “why the church?” and some were carrying weapons, including machetes. Local elders were seeking to restore calm.
Residents had earlier spoken of clashes having broken out between Christian and Muslim residents.
The attack came after Friday’s Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, but it was not clear if there was any link.
In June, Boko Haram claimed responsibility for three suicide attacks on churches in Kaduna state, where the city of Kaduna is located, which led to deadly rioting. Dozens of people were killed in the violence.
Boko Haram’s insurgency in northern and central Nigeria has led to more than 2,800 deaths since 2009. While Muslims have often been its victims, it has in recent months also specifically targeted churches.
President Goodluck Jonathan has said the group is seeking to incite a religious crisis in Africa’s most populous nation and largest oil producer, roughly divided between a mainly Muslim north and predominately Christian south.
Kaduna is a large mainly Muslim city in Nigeria’s north and includes a sizeable Christian population.
Nigerians have grown increasingly frustrated with security forces’ inability to stop Boko Haram attacks, and there have been warnings of more reprisals if the violence continued.
Some Evangelical church leaders in Nigeria have said Christians may be forced to defend themselves if something is not done to address the unrest.

(Photo) Diddy & Cassie Step Out In Their Halloween Costumes!

Diddy and Cassie used try to play coy all the time about their romance, but that seems to have went out the window and the couple is showing public affection often whether it be in person, on Twitter, or on Instagram. The duo stepped out yesterday for a Halloween themed party and although they weren’t dressed in a certain theme, they still looked great together! Check out their costumes below.

Diddy dressed up as singer Prince while Cassie was dressed as Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Usher Drops 12K On A Puppy?! 10.27.12 | No Comments Yes you heard right however it was for good cause! R&B sensation, Usher, dropped a cool 12,000 on a puppy for charity! That was ushers good deed of the day! Click below for full details Eloisa Melo I’m Freaking Keeping You! LOLz! Usher showed that money is no object when it comes to cuteness!The singer spent 12,000 clams on a goldendoodle puppy that is simply to die for! But it wasn’t just the puppy that was so important! Usher’s money will go towards the auction’s sponsor, the Pencils of Promise Gala, an event raising money for an organization that builds schools in impoverished countries. This was Usher’s second attempt too. Last year, Usher tried to buy a puppy at the gala but he was outbid by a family. But, the family did name the puppy Usher!!!

Usher Drops 12K On A Puppy?!

Yes you heard right however it was for good cause! R&B sensation, Usher, dropped a cool 12,000 on a puppy for charity! That was ushers good deed of the day! Click below for full details

I’m Freaking Keeping You! LOLz! Usher showed that money is no object when it comes to cuteness!The singer spent 12,000 clams on a goldendoodle puppy that is simply to die for! But it wasn’t just the puppy that was so important!
Usher’s money will go towards the auction’s sponsor, the Pencils of Promise Gala, an event raising money for an organization that builds schools in impoverished countries. This was Usher’s second attempt too. Last year, Usher tried to buy a puppy at the gala but he was outbid by a family. But, the family did name the puppy Usher!!!

Usher Drops 12K On A Puppy?! 10.27.12 | No Comments Yes you heard right however it was for good cause! R&B sensation, Usher, dropped a cool 12,000 on a puppy for charity! That was ushers good deed of the day! Click below for full details Eloisa Melo I’m Freaking Keeping You! LOLz! Usher showed that money is no object when it comes to cuteness!The singer spent 12,000 clams on a goldendoodle puppy that is simply to die for! But it wasn’t just the puppy that was so important! Usher’s money will go towards the auction’s sponsor, the Pencils of Promise Gala, an event raising money for an organization that builds schools in impoverished countries. This was Usher’s second attempt too. Last year, Usher tried to buy a puppy at the gala but he was outbid by a family. But, the family did name the puppy Usher!!!

Usher Drops 12K On A Puppy?!

Yes you heard right however it was for good cause! R&B sensation, Usher, dropped a cool 12,000 on a puppy for charity! That was ushers good deed of the day! Click below for full details

I’m Freaking Keeping You! LOLz! Usher showed that money is no object when it comes to cuteness!The singer spent 12,000 clams on a goldendoodle puppy that is simply to die for! But it wasn’t just the puppy that was so important!
Usher’s money will go towards the auction’s sponsor, the Pencils of Promise Gala, an event raising money for an organization that builds schools in impoverished countries. This was Usher’s second attempt too. Last year, Usher tried to buy a puppy at the gala but he was outbid by a family. But, the family did name the puppy Usher!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ayefele and his N200m hotel

The mask man, Bisade Ologunde otherwise known as Lagbaja will headline the grand commissioning of Yinka Ayefele’s N250m Down Town Hotel and Suites in Ibadan on Friday, 19 October, 2012.
The 25-room hotel, according to Yinka Ayefele will fill some deep gaps in the state’s hospitality industry and also create about 100 job opportunities.

The commissioning which starts at 12 noon will also have repentant lewd lyricist, Abass Akande Obesere, Pasuma Wonder and several others on the band stand. A release signed by David Ajiboye, Ayefele’s publicist indicated that the hotel had begun operation few days ago.
“Ayefele’s Down Town Hotel and Suites is the answer to many questions in the State’s un coordinated hospitality industry. The Hotel situated at Iyana Church area of Monatan, Ibadan has 25 tastefully furnished rooms and suites
“The hospitality centre has suites specially dedicated to Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal football clubs fans”
Ayefele, whose sprawling N200m office complex on Ibadan-Lagos expressway has been marked for demolition by Oyo State government has continue to appeal to the state government to consider other alternative outlined by the Engineers handling the project so as to save the job of about 100 staff working for him.
“The State government should please spare this complex and consider available options by the site Engineers. It’s a good thing that the state has considered the road for expansion and we can not stop that but there is alternatives to the road construction and that’s the option we want the state to look into

Policeman Rapes Nursing Mother Inside Police Cell

A nursing mother detained at Soro Police station in Ganjuwa Local Government Area of Bauchi State has allegedly been raped by a police constable. Hafsat Manye was allegedly raped twice by one ConstableHalilu attached to the Soro Police Station at the police premises in the dead of night. Narrating her bitter experience, a relative of the victim who pleaded anonymity said Hafsat lost consciousnesswhile being sexually assaulted by the police officer. He said Hafsat sustained injuries on her back and private part as a result of the incident and had to be rushed to the hospital.
Hafsat was arrested and detained along with one Alhaji Audu at Soro Police station over allegation of conspiracy and culpable homicide following a reportlodged at Soro police station by one Mallam Alhaji Buba. She was with her baby, Hashimu, who was less than a year old at the time she was arrested and detained, the relation said further. According to him, late in the night in her separate cell where she was kept, the police constable came to her pretending as if he was empathising with her when her child was crying and then directed her to come out. He said that as she came out, the police constable took her to a place within the station where there was a kind of iron bed placed on the floor and a mat on the side.
The relative said further that the police officer laid the mat on the iron-kind of bed and ordered her to lie down on it. “She wanted to raise an alarm but the police officer quickly cautioned her with a threat to shoot her with a gun in his hand if she dared to make any noise.To avoid unpleasant situation which could lead to death, she lay down and he had sexual intercourse with her,” he said. He added that after satisfying himself, the officer took her back to her cell with a warning that a grave consequence waited her if she dared to tell anyone what happened. Not yet done, “the officer came to her cell the following day, like the previous night under the cover of darkness and ordered her for sex. his time around she became unconscious.” The incident was confirmed to Daily Sun by Hanbal Muhammed Zubair,the Bauchi state coordinator of the Legal Aid Council of
Nigeria (LECON). According to Zubair, “Our client became unconscious due to injury she sustained on her back from one sharp iron on the bed and her private part which in spite of her weeping did not make the officer budge.” Zubair said that it was in this unconscious state that two officers who were at the station met Hafsat in the morning and took her to Soro General Hospital where she was admitted for two days and discharged. “The medical officer kept coming from the hospital to monitor her recovery in the cell,” he said. The LACON state coordinator said that the criminal actof the officer was brought to the attention of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), adding that, “We are equally informed that the case had been reported at the Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) in the state headquartres.” But Zubair expressed concern that there was a deliberate effort to “treat this heinous crime alleged to have been committed by the policeman with kid’s gloves in the guise of esprit-de-corps. This is totally unacceptable.” The LACON coordinator urged the Commissioner of Police in the state to direct a fresh investigation into the case. “If the officer involved is found to have a case to answer, then he should be treated like a common criminal and face the full wrath
of the law,” he added The Bauchi State Police Command in a letter addressed to the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria dated September 28, said investigation had been concluded

Dreams and Nightmares Intro – Meek Mill Album coming !!

Meek Mill I would categorically state, is one of the most successful American rappers who has risen to stardom in an incredibly short period of time. At only 25, Meek Mill has probably achieved what other older hiphop artists have never been able to pull off.

He’s enjoying all that hiphop artists wish for… publicity, celebrity status, superstardom and of course tremendous financial reward for his hard work.
 Dreams and Nightmares intro – Meek Mill at his best
Meek Mill’s star started shining in 2011 when he first signed up with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group and T.I‘s Grand Hustle Records.
Immense support from Maybach Group has seen him prosper to new heights each passing day. Enjoying a lot of publicity and respect in the industry, the dude has been on the spotlight since his single “Tupac Back” featuring Rick Ross hit the charts last year.  Other famous 2011 tracks associated with him include “Ima Boss” also featuring Rick Ross.
“Amen” is a popular hit single off his Dreamchasers project. Full of young blood and talent, Meek Mill is finalizing plans to launch his widely anticipated full debut studio album Dreams and Nightmares”. In a short video, he basically charms his fans in readiness for the album launch.
Check out the Intro below!!

Hungry for more publicity and fame, Meek Mill revealed the name of the album earlier this year on a video blog. He quipped that he wanted to give his fans something special that would see a special connection developed between him and his fans.

Dreams and Nightmares intro – Meek Mill makes a comeback
Meek Mill emphasized that this was a big project for him, more mature and certainly featuring improved beats, sounds and vocals.
Those expecting it to be typical usual mixtrape project he’s done before are in for a rude shock.
Led by Rick Ross, several international guest features are expected to appear on the album, a collabo with Nas “Maybach curtains”, Trey Songz, Drake, Mary J. Blige and John Legend are some of the rumored inclusions.
October 30th is the D-day!\

Yvonne Nelson Says You Are All Blind…Says She Is Not Bleaching…

Yvonne Nelson has pathetically/weakly responded to opinions (especially mine) that she is bleaching her skin. If you like, you can buy into what she calls it-skin toning/skin lightening.
Any smart person would not buy into the concept of skin toning…As my Canadian friend Tracy puts it “Bleaching and toning in my views are just same thing. One is more harsh and the other gentle. We are rich in a melanin for a good reason, and it appears that people tend to miss this. I will not call a few spots on my skin as a blemish or imperfection. As far as I am concerned it is what makes me, me.
If you agree that Black is beautiful, why even think about making changes to it in such manners?”.
If you are smart enough, you would realize that the phrase ‘skin toning’ is strongly defended by beauty websites and those who sell these so called skin toning creams…
All they are doing is to buy into the minds of those weak individuals who do not admire their natural bodies to bleach them but just saying, these creams are for skin toning and not skin bleaching…Meanwhile, at the end of the day, we all see the results…
According to Yvonne Nelson, she will never bleach (as if she will ever confirm it). However, she fails to say the same about skin toning…LOL
You know what, you can bleach all you want, defend it all you want and call it whatever name you want in life, at the end of the day the smart people around will spot it and call you out! Even if they don’t tell you to the face, they will form their opinions about you…
It is sad how these celebrities take people for fools…Are we all blind?
We have celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and others denying that they have ever done bum implants when it is obvious that they have done so. Therefore, this denial has not come as a shock to me…
Anyway, read below for what Yvonne Nelson is saying, and let’s know what you think!
My attention has been drawn to recent media reports, especially from a certain Chris-Vincent that I am bleaching my skin and the continuous nature of this reports have compelled me to once again respond but this time with particular attention to Chris Vincent.
My understanding is that Chris-Vincent is a Ghanaian residing in the UK and he is the founder and editor of a blog.
I have observed that Chris Vincent has remained consistent in churning out very defamatory stories about my person and some of these negative stories have found their way into mainstream media publications.
The wicked, unfounded and absolutely unnecessary misinformation that I am bleaching is the latest negative attack from Chris against my person and once again, he has successfully found his way into mainstream media and being granted radio airtime in Ghana to run me down.
I would not be surprised that he would, as characteristic of him, spin my response in a rather negative way, put it on his blog and then generate more negative comments from ‘supposed’ readers whose identity cannot be traced or even authenticated.
What I do not understand is why an adult male, and a Ghanaian adult male for that matter, would spend his time running around with stories about which lady is bleaching and which lady is toning her skin.
It is even more strange when these stories are absolutely not true and do not in any way put food on anybody’s table, does not add value to any body’s life and can only be described as mischief.
I fully understand the dangers of skin bleaching and would not engage in any such venture. I am a lady and I appreciate my God-given looks.
I do not need to change my skin colour for any reason and I do not see how and why an adult male would come out with such thoughts and even have the courage to run round with such stories in public when there are more productive things to think about.
Truth is that even if I was bleaching, I do not owe Chris Vincent an explanation, but I am not bleaching, I have not bleached and I won’t bleach.
I love my skin just the way it is and I do my best to keep it healthy and nice.
If God has remained good to me and continues to make my skin nicer, I do not see how it should be a problem to someone.
In a society that largely frowns on skin bleaching, it would be unfair and very unkind to falsely accuse me of bleaching when I am absolutely innocent of that charge and I just hope people who know Chris Vincent would draw his attention to this.
As an actress I take different pictures under different shades of light and with different shades of makeup depending on what the picture would be used for.
It is therefore not strange to find different pictures of me looking different. It does not mean I am bleaching and one does not need to be an industry player to know this.
Even in movies, depending on who the director is, there are different lighting angles and brightness levels that can be used to make a character look different and this is no secret. Even a change of weather can have an effect of one’s skin.
I want to use this platform to assure all persons who have expressed worry about these reports that there is no cause for alarm because I am not bleaching, have not bleached and would not bleach.
I hope Chris Vincent would be gentleman enough to do the honorable thing.
There are more prudent and beneficial things to focus on and these frequent distractions are of no use.
I should have spent this time focusing on my new movies or memorizing my next script and not responding to false gossips from an adult male.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Yvonne Nelson

Two months till doomsday? Mayan Apocalypse set for Dec. 21

If you believe in that sort of thing, humanity can expect a mere two months left of existence before the Mayan apocalypse hits Dec. 21.

Today (Oct. 21) starts the two-month countdown toward doomsday, according to an interpretation of the Mayan Calendar that has taken hold in some New Age and spiritualist communities online.

Two ancient texts confirm the end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar on the winter solstice of this year, which is Dec. 21, 2012. That day is the last day of the 13th bak'tun, or 144,000-day cycle, of the calendar. Ancient Maya would have seen the end of the 13th bak'tun as the end of a full cycle of creation.

Check out Game's artwork for new album - Jesus Piece

Rapper Game caused a firestorm this past weekend after he released the artwork for his next album, Jesus Piece. The cover depicts Jesus as a gang member...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mrs. Sheila Mary Solarin (nee Tuer), the widow of the late Dr. Tai Solarin is Dead

Sheila Mary Solarin (nee Tuer), the widow of Dr. Tai Solarin, popularly called Madam Sheila is dead. We got this information from a source in Mayflower Private school Ikenne in Ogun state.

Mrs. Sheila Solarin, co-founder, Mayflower School, Ikenne, Ogun State  is the wife of  Dr. Tai Solarin, the late educationist. Madam Sheila  got to Nigeria in 1952, that was  60 years ago and was married to Late Dr. Tai Solarin at the age of 27 years, they were married for 43 years. They were both students  at the University of Manchester. She said Tai Solarin was very hard working, honest, kind and had  a sense of humour.

Madam Sheila has being sick for some time because she accidently fell from an Arm chair she was trying to sit on. This led to her admission in the hospital sometime July this year.  She and her late husband had two children, Corin and Tunde Solarin.

Madam Sheila was 88 years old before her demise

FAAN Staff Arrested With N288M

An official of the Directorate of Aviation Security (AVSEC) of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Akin Adetula, has been nabbed for attempting to smuggle N288 million ($1.8 million) through the Murtala Mohammed International Airport on Saturday evening.
The suspect was said to have been arrested about 3:45p.m while attempting to smuggle the money through a Middle East-bound airline. The authorities are still asking him questions on how he came about the money.

Stella Dimoko Korkus: Jim Iyke Go For Anger Management Please

 Respected Encomium Colunmist,Stella Dimoko Korkus reported an exclusive interview she had recently with a lady who claimed to have an 11yrs old son with Jim Iyke.Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji posted the story on her blog and it went viral hereby attracting abuses from Jim Iyke who called Linda a Sociopath,he also called Stella a bitch.Now she has a reply for Jim Iyke.But people,is it not time we called for a truce and let warring parties sheat their swords?Read Stella's reply to jim Iyke unedited as it apperas on her blog
Before i start with this;I know Jim WILL GO AROUND POSTING TRASH as anonymous on where ever this memo comes up but who cares?

You live on the Internet defending yourself on various blogs and posting incoherent babash, cussing out the blog owners remember?Be my guest.

I start this memo by quoting the lyrics from Abolore Akandes(9ice)song where he mentioned the words "baaaaastard"in reference to his ex friend rugged man.
Ikechukwu(Jim my axx) you are exactly what 9ice said,a "baaaaastard"
I did an exclusive story that your 11yr old son has surfaced,which is true,abi you wan contest am?
The story went viral and probably spoilt your chances of one of your yahoo-yahoo love scams in Houston where you are as I write this. ---and you go gaga?

...And  you used your cunnilingus fingernails to dial my home phone and use the swear words on my family the hearing of my children who are still traumatized,the children you so badly desire to have one day as a human being,the ones you used to refer to as "beautiful'.
You called me "ugly bitch" and you are so frigging correct,the thing is of all your plenty sisters,I cannot remember anyone of them winning the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria beauty pageant or even Miss world.
Your anger has brought you nothing but bad luck.ask yourself why you have no true friends or why no press man will touch you with a long pole. ...go on,ask yourself!

You keep threatening to beat up anyone you enter into your log of bad books and I wonder if you are Superman. Na so you go Cameron them beat you so tey your fingers broke and you cooked up the "falling on a glass table"story.tell it to the cuckoos!

If you ever think of swearing to beat me up because I did an exclusive that you have an 11yr old son who is in existence,I will find you and the day you lay your epileptic hands on me will be the last day you ever try to beat up any woman again!...agbaya go and find your mate to bully!

At your age(you don pass 40yrs abeg)you should be happy of such news but instead you are in Houston running from various one dollar shops to another and after you go spread pics for Internet begging for headlines like "Jim iyke spends trillions on shopping spree"..Na today?
If you read this memo,you are free to leave an anonymous hater comment here or any where else but please delete my numbers from your phone and do not call.
Go and see a shrink doctor and get help for anger management abeg.

You seem to think everyone is envious of you,wetin you get?you freaking parade used cars in your 'rented'garage in Abuja,I roll a brand new Mercedes,tear rubber!
I know you will read this,so I close with this 'stellar advice'

"It is only an heediot like you that refuses to see the handwriting on the wall,even when the letters are slapping at your pomo mouth".
You are a liar,a cheat and you have a wicked wicked heart. if you call me ugly because I kick ass with my stories,remember I granted you your first ever interview where you said your then ex(actress stephnora okere)used to beg to be beaten before sex?bollocks!
All the 11years i have been a reporter,i have done nothing but defend your sorry ass even when i knew your hands were soiled...that's what 'freinds' are for !

This is a friendly memo,if you push me again,I will get 'high' for you and send another one copying the governor of benue state swansan!.....A word is enough for the ain't.

I thought the devil was a liar till I became friends with you! you train devil to lie!

The next time you try to set me up again,I will be waiting for you at the trap and I will fix the hook on your shriveled,over used balls!
Remember that I am not Cornell udofia the reporter you messed up/tried to use to mess me up. My name Na 'sterra'!

(VIDEO) Hakym The Dream Responds To Wizkid’s Ole (Lamba Cover)

Hakym The Dream Responds To Wizkid’s Ole (Lamba Cover) – The Exclusive interview!!

VIDEO:Davido – Gbon Gbon

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Bishop David Oyedepo accused of exploiting British worshipers

This is a story published by UK Daily Mail this morning. They are accusing Bishop Oyedepo's Winners Chapel of exploiting their worshipers and receiving over £16 million in donations from them. See it below...
A church run by a controversial multi-millionaire African preacher has been accused of ‘cynical exploitation’ after its British branch received £16.7 million in donations from followers who were told that God would give them riches in return.
Followers are ferried in double-decker shuttle buses to the church, handed slips inviting them to make debit card payments, and are even told obeying the ministry’s teachings will make them immune from illness.
Today’s Mail on Sunday revelations about the Winners’ Chapel movement have prompted the Charity Commission to review the charitable status  of the church – one of the fastest-growing in the UK.
Winners’ Chapel is part of a worldwide empire of evangelical ministries run by Nigeria’s wealthiest preacher David Oyedepo, who has an estimated £93 million fortune, a fleet of private jets and a Rolls-Royce Phantom. 
Dubbed ‘The Pastorpreneur’, he was accused earlier this year of slapping the face of a young woman he said was a witch. The assault case was struck out but is being appealed.

Branches of the church have sprung up in major UK cities in a huge recruitment drive centred on Mr Oyedepo’s ‘prosperity gospel’. This claims that congregants who make regular donations and pay tithes – a ten per cent levy on their income – will be rewarded financially by God. 

Followers are urged to target vulnerable people such as the lonely, the sick, the homeless and the suicidal as potential candidates for conversion. 

Last night, Labour MP Paul Flynn said Winners’ Chapel was cynically exploiting supporters. ‘They [Winners’ Chapel] are making clearly spurious claims and it seems to be a cynical exploitation of the gullible,’ he said.

Referring to the slapping incident, Mr Flynn added: ‘What is also alarming is the reported violence and the lack of respect for the status of women. It’s taking us back to a previous age of ignorance and prejudice that we all thought the church had escaped.’

This newspaper’s investigation can further disclose:
  • Congregants are handed a payment slip requesting payments using cheque, cash or debit card when they enter London’s Winners’ Chapel.
  • Donations to the ministry in England almost doubled from £2.21 million to £4.37 million between 2006 and 2010.
  • Mr Oyedepo’s superchurch in Nigeria received £794,000 or 73 per cent of the charitable donations paid out by the British Winners’ Chapel between 2007 and 2010. This was despite claims in Africa that he is enriching himself at the expense of his devotees.
  • The registered charity has spent £6.81 million on evangelism and ‘praise, worship and fellowship’.
  • The church’s ‘Joseph Squad’ preaches in British prisons and has a weekly broadcast named ‘Liberation Hour’ on satellite and cable TV here.
In the past three years, Winners’ Chapel churches have been established in Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Bradford, adding to those in London, Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow. 

An undercover Mail on Sunday reporter attended Sunday services  at Winners’ Chapel’s ‘London HQ’  in Dartford, Kent, which attracts 1,000 congregants – chiefly African and Caribbean immigrants. It is run like ‘a business conference’ by Mr Oyedepo’s son, David Oyedepo Jnr. Packed buses deliver singing worshippers from South-East London, Essex and Kent to the huge auditorium.

The reporter saw a payment slip being given to every person entering the church encouraging them to donate money by cheque or cash or to fill in a form with their debit card details. The slip said tithes should be paid separately using a ‘Kingdom Investment Booklet’ and the reporter was informed that payments could also be made by phone. A pastor told the worshippers: ‘You shall be financially promoted after this service in Jesus’s name if you are ready to honour the Lord therefore with all your givings, your tithes, your offerings, your Kingdom investment, your sacrifices.’

Congregants were told to fill in their slips and hold them above their heads while the donations were blessed

A jet belong to Bishop Oyedepo
The service was interspersed with testimonies. ‘I received a bill from  the bank that I didn’t understand, so I prayed,’ said one congregant. ‘A few days later, the bank wrote to apologise for their mistake – Hallelujah!’ ‘Hallelujah,’ the audience shouted back.
Congregants were told they could gain favour by persuading others to follow Mr Oyedepo’s teachings. His son said: ‘Look around you. Someone is sick and already wishing he or she were dead, that is a fruit ripe to harvest. Someone is confounded and considering suicide as an option, that is another fruit that is ripe to harvest.
‘Someone else is lonely and wondering if there is any future for him, that is another fruit ripe to harvest. 
‘Also there are many men and women, young and old that are homeless, these are fruits ripe to harvest.’
The reporter was taken, with 20 other new recruits, to a room where preachers gave sermons claiming acceptance of the Lord would prevent them ever being ill or suffering misfortune.
The Mail on Sunday has seen video footage of Mr Oyedepo striking a woman across the face and condemning her to hell after she said she was a ‘witch for Jesus’. He attacked her in a Winners’ Chapel superchurch, believed to be in Nigeria, in front of worshippers. A separate video shows him saying: ‘I slapped a witch here last year!’
In May, he was sued for £800,000 over the alleged assault. The case was struck out – a decision which is now reported to have been appealed.
The Winners’ Chapel movement, also known as the Living Faith Church, has hundreds of churches in Nigeria and across Africa, the Middle East, the UK and the US.
Mr Oyedepo has received fierce criticism in Africa. One Nigerian journalist accused him of ‘leading a growing list of pastorpreneurs – church founders exploiting the passion and emotion that Christianity commands to feather their nests’.

Catholic Cardinal Anthony Okogie criticised such preachers for placing materialism above Jesus’s message. He reportedly said: ‘They have been skinning the flock, taking out of the milk of the flock.’

Among Mr Oyedepo’s fleet of aircraft are said to be a Gulfstream 1 and Gulfstream 4 private jets. It is also claimed he and his wife, Faith, travel in expensive Jeeps flanked by convoys of siren-blaring vehicles. He is the senior pastor of Faith Tabernacle, a 50,000-seat auditorium in Lagos reputed to be the largest church in the world, and runs a publishing company that distributes books carrying his message across the world.
His other business interests span manufacturing, petrol stations,  bakeries, water purification factories, recruitment, a university, restaurants, supermarkets and real estate. The latest addition is a commercial airline named Dominion Airlines. 

A Charity Commission spokesman said: ‘The Charity Commission is  currently assessing what, if any,  regulatory role there is to play with regard to the complaints made against the World Mission Agency. It is important to clarify that this does not constitute an investigation at this stage.’

Winners’ Chapel administrator Tunde Disu declined to comment.

See Much Talked About Video Of Nicki Minaj ft Cassie-Boys

The much awaited Nicki Minaj's video, featuring Cassie where the montage showed the two in very steamy and suggestive poses like the one above is finally out.
See the video After the cut.

LMAO : Tonto Dikeh fires back at Burna Boy

Tonto Dike Fires Back at Burna Boy

For those who don't understand why Tonto would Tweet and mention Burna Boy, let me explain. The day Tonto released her two singles, Burna Boy Tweeted that all wack artists deserve death, though he specifically said he wasn't referring to Ms Dike. Well, Tonto apparently didn't believe him, and after watching Burna Boy's fall from the stage at the Headies, the vivacious actress/singer fired back...and in true Tonto Dike fashion, she mentioned his name...hehe!

Be very afraid, Mr Novia. Lol. (Just having fun!)

(MUZIK) Bracket ~ Temperature

Bracket comes through with another smash! They call this one Temperature. O Gbona! Download and lemme know if you agree :)

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(MUZIK) Sinzu ~ Lets Get This Money

Sinzu be dropping dope shiii over n over. Lets get this money baby!!!
Listen To Lets Get This Money

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(VIDEO) Seun Kuti, Femi Kuti & Davido’s Felabration 2012 Performance.


Davido’s Performance

FAAN Names Dana Air As Best Domestic Airline In 2011

Depite been the airline responsible for the fatal crash in June this year that claimed the lives of 159 people, The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) this weekend in what many consider an irony, named Death Dana Air  as the best domestic carrier-even though it is for 2011.
Defending FAAN's decision, the Regional General Manager, said the airline was awarded the prize for its good customer relations and prompt payment of dues. *SMH*
Lufthansa Airlines on the the other hand was named the best international carrier for the same period.

See Pics From Rihanna's New Video-Diamonds

       Rihanna poses in sheer white frock on Diamonds video setFlames shoot up as Rihanna poses in another see-through frock
Above are pictures from Rihanna's new video shoot for the single "Diamonds."
The song is the latest single from her seventh album Unapologetic - and the video looks like it will be packed with drama...Rihanna style.
She also rocks a new, edgy hair do, shaved on one side, long on the other, different from the cropped boy cut she has had on recently.
If you havent't listened to "Diamonds" already, you can download

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