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'American Idol' Bikini Girl Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

Katrina Darrell -- the girl who infamously auditioned for "American Idol" back in 2009 wearing just a bikini -- insists ... she isn't a drunk hit-and-runner ... pleading "not guilty" to DUI today.

TMZ broke the story ... Katrina was charged last month with one count of DUI and two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run, stemming from her March arrest.

As we reported, Katrina was busted in L.A. after allegedly running a red light and smashing into another car. According to police, Katrina attempted to flee the scene ... but was pulled over down the street by a cop who heard the crash.

Back at the police station, an officer administered a breathalyzer -- and Katrina allegedly blew roughly twice the legal limit in California.

She's due back in court June 29th.

2 girls raped in broad day light robbery

Two females in a bus conveying passengers from Lagos to Abuja were last Tuesday raped by armed robbers who attacked their bus at Sagamu area of Ogun State.
The gunmen also robbed all the passenger. It is learnt that the incident occurred around 12noon.

It was gathered that the three-man gang armed robbers were among the passengers that boarded the bus at Jibowu area of Lagos.

But on getting to Sagamu, they brought out their guns, ordered the driver to stop and then diverted the bus.
The Station Manager, Ifesinachi Bus Transit, the operator of the vehicle, who identified himself simply as Nelson, confirmed the incident. He said the victims would be compensated.
He said, “Truly, the bus was robbed, and I immediately left to meet the victims when the report got to us.

“I addressed everybody, including the two girls that were raped. Some were given money to return home while others were advised to report at our Jibowu office for another bus to convey them to Abuja the next day.

“Some of them disagreed with the arrangement. I spoke to the two ladies that were raped in privacy and volunteered to take them to the hospital. One of them refused and the other who said she was 18-year-old accepted.

Nelson admitted that the passengers were not checked before they boarded the vehicle, saying he thought the style used by the robbers was no longer in vogue.

“We are sorry for not checking the passengers but you need to understand that nobody is perfect. There was also security arrangement we put in place but we stopped when we felt things had normalised. This was part of the reasons why we don’t operate night buses,” he said.

On the insinuation that the bus’ driver could have been the mastermind of the robbery, the station manager said all their workers were reliable.

Nelson said, “He parked at Somolu because of the limited space at our office. I could have called him but his phone and other valuables were also taken by the robbers.”

A final year pupil of the Nigeria Military School, Kaduna State, who was one of the victims, Feyisa Ayo-Vaughan, said the robbery took place few hours after they left Lagos.

He said, “We left Lagos around 8am. On getting to Sagamu, one of them brought out a pistol, pointed it at the driver and took over the steering and drove us into the bush. We were searched, robbed, and then the two girls were raped.”

The pupil, who lost his documents and money to the robbers, said the documents might affect his leaving the school in August.

Another victim of the robbery, who is also a pupil of the NMS, Silas Anure, said the attack was like a dream.

“They drove us into the bush and collected our money and even raped two girls. Two of the robbers slept with one girl, while the other two robbers slept with the second girl,” he claimed.

Andre 3000 channels Jimi Hendrix for upcoming biopic 'All is By My Side'

Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000
 portrays Jimi Hendrix on the first day of filming 'All Is by My Side'
 Dublin, Ireland - 28.05.12
 **Not available for publication in Irish Tabloids. Available for publication in the rest of the world**
 Credit: (Mandatory):

Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000 portrays Jimi Hendrix filming 'All Is by My Side' on May 28, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland.

Jimi Hendrix is back from the dead ... kind of.
Donning an afro and a style straight from the '60s, OutKast's Andre 3000 was snapped Monday on set of the upcoming 'All is By My Side', a biopic about the legendary guitarist.
Andre 3000 – whose real name is Andre Benjamin – will stray from his rapper past to play the psychedelic rocker. The film is said to be based on Hendrix's pre-fame years and is due out next year.
jimi splitAndre 3000 is snapped on set of his upcoming biopic in full costume as Jimi Hendrix. (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images; JD1/ Ochs Archives/Getty Images; JD1/
Benjamin told the Daily News eight years ago that he was slated to play the guitar god on screen, but it took this long for the pieces to fall into place.
It seems it was well worth the wait for the OutKast rapper. The film, which co-stars Haley Atwell, is currently filming in Ireland.
HaleyHailey Atwell is seen on set on May 28, 2012 for 'All is By My Side,' the Jimi Hendrix biopic that she co-stars in with Andre 3000. (JD1/

Facebook stock fall knocks Mark Zuckerberg off top 40 richest people list

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is no longer a top 40 hit.
With Facebook shares floundering since the social-networking company went public, the 28-year-old CEO dropped off the list of the world’s 40 richest people Tuesday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
Zuckerberg’s monetary worth was pegged at $14.7 billion Tuesday, down from $16.2 billion on May 25, Bloomberg reported. In that time, the price of shares dropped 9.6% to $28.84.
“It seems to be a clear reflection that there was just too much stock issued, that the valuation was aggressive and that a lot of people who lined up to buy it really had no intention of holding it,” Jack Ablin, chief investment officer of BMO Harris Private Bank in Chicago, told Bloomberg on Tuesday.
How low will Zuckerberg's fortune go? Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
When Facebook shares closed at $38.23 on May 18, the day the stock debuted on the Nasdaq, Zuckerberg’s net worth totaled $19.4 billion, Bloomberg reported.
Some Wall Street analysts believe Facebook’s stock price will continue to slide before it can stabilize — which would mean the recently married billionaire’s massive personal fortune could further diminish.
Colombian businessman Luis Carlos Sarmiento, who’s built a financial services empire worth $15.5 billion, surpassed Zuckerberg to make the Bloombergindex, which is updated daily.
No. 1 on the list was Mexican telecom czar Carlos Slim Helu, (worth $67.9 billion), who is ahead of Microsoft founder Bill Gates ($60.5 billion) and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet ($44.7 billion).
BILLION31N_2_WEB Zuckerberg is still pretty wealthy with a worth of more than $14 billion. Tony Avelar/Bloomberg

New Video: Tipsy – I Don’t Know

Train Racist Woman which was posted on YouTube Jailed For 21 Weeks In UK

A drunk woman who racially abused fellow tube travellers in a tirade that was posted online has been jailed for 21 weeks.
Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, from Romford in Essex, launched an expletive-laden rant at passengers on the Central line, telling those seated near her: “I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations.”
A seven-minute video of the verbal assault was uploaded to YouTube and viewed more than 200,000 times.
District judge Michael Snow told Westminster magistrates court, central London: “Anyone viewing it would feel a deep sense of shame that our citizens could be subject to such behaviour and may, as a consequence, believe that it secretly represents the views of other white people.”
The judge told Woodhouse she would serve half her sentence behind bars and banned her for five years from using the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway network while drunk.
He recounted how Woodhouse drunkenly boarded the Tube at about 11pm on 23 January. “The train was packed with people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds,” he said. “The people included children.
“She became loud, foul-mouthed and aggressive. She targeted her behaviour at those who weren’t white.
“She directed it at those who were close to her, on occasions directly into their faces. She threatened violence against more than one person and it took place over a prolonged period.”
He said her “grossly offensive” language reflected her hostility to her fellow passengers.
While one traveller was left so shocked by her racist aggression that he no longer felt he could interact with white people on the tube, another, of Pakistani descent, felt victimised because of his “cultural background” and was left wishing he could afford a car to avoid having to take the Underground, he said.
Rejecting suggestions by Woodhouse’s legal team that she felt “deeply ashamed” of her actions, the judge added: “I find that assertion very difficult to believe.
“She initially pleaded not guilty. She changed her plea to guilty one day before her trial. By this time, she had victimised the witnesses twice over by causing them the inevitable worry of having to give evidence and coming into contact with her again.”
Woodhouse was fined following a similar offence on the DLR in December 2008. In the video of her latest foul-mouthed outburst, filmed by businessman Galbant Juttla, Woodhouse shouts in a thick Essex accent: “All fucking foreign fucking shitheads.”
The former secretary, who has since lost her job and now claims benefits, turns to other passengers and asks: “Where do you come from? Where do you come from? Where do you come from?
“All over the world, fucking jokers. Fucking country’s a fucking joke.
“I would like to know if any of you are illegal? I am sure like 30% of you are. Fucking jokers taking the fucking piss.”
Claire Campbell, prosecuting, said Woodhouse began her stream of abuse after a retirement party when she was feeling a little “worse for wear”. She had drunk an unknown quantity of champagne.
Woodhouse sat with her head bowed as CCTV footage of the prolonged rant between St Paul’s and Mile End stations was played to the court.
In it she could be seen turning to the Pakistani man sitting next to her, who is singing his national anthem.
“You can fucking sing my fucking dear friend. I hope they fucking catch up with you and shove you off. I will punch you in the face, you are a fucking joke. Pakistani fucking losers. Ninety percent of you are fucking illegal. I wouldn’t mind if you loved our country.”
She then turns on Juttla, 47, who assures her he would rather be listening to his music than to her ramblings.
“Oh look, he’s filming, hello. Hello government,” she says, leaning into the camera. “Why don’t you tell me where you’re from?”
Juttla, from Ilford, Essex, replies: “I am British.” She then gets her phone out of her handbag and looks as if she is filming him too. “Watch what you are saying,” Juttla warns her.
She replies: “I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations.”
Juttla decided to film Woodhouse – who previously worked for the Department for Transport – when she started berating a black woman named Judy Russell, the court was told.
She stumbled over Russell as she boarded the carriage and proceeded to hurl insults, shouting: “You Africans take our council flats.”
Juttla, a single father of two, was travelling back from the funeral of a close family friend that day. He watched Woodhouse sit down between two Asian men before she lambasted those around her.
The video shows Juttla telling Woodhouse to keep her mouth shut and that she has had too much to drink.
She becomes extremely agitated and starts screaming, saying: “It’s not your country anyway so what’s your problem? It’s been overtaken by people like you.”
In further remarks, she tells passengers: “I’ll have you arrested because you don’t live here”, and “I hope you are not claiming benefits.”
She handed herself in to police after the footage began to circulate and appeared on the Sun website.
Woodhouse told officers she could not remember the rant but recognised herself in the video.
She pleaded guilty to one count of causing racially aggravated “harassment, alarm or distress” by using “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour”.
Rebecca Lee, defending, said Woodhouse had been promoted to become PA for a partner at the accountancy firm where she worked the day before she launched her stream of abuse.
“She is dismayed and, I should say, not only for those who were present but also because she has friends and family members who are black and Asian and she knows they would have been shocked hearing those words coming from her,” the lawyer said.
“She maintains she would never have dreamt of saying those words had she not been significantly affected by alcohol, having gone to a leaving party after work on that particular evening.”
Lee suggested a fear of terrorist activity and her views on immigration could have fuelled Woodhouse’s actions. But she recognised this was “no justification” for her behaviour.
“She is ashamed of what happened and wishes she could turn the clock back but of course she can’t,” Lee added. “She is on jobseeker’s allowance, having lost her employment.”
Woodhouse, who was said to be in a “loving” relationship with her partner of 12 years, was supported in court by one of her sisters and a niece.
The publicity and attention to her case was said to have taken a “considerable toll” on her mental health and she was prescribed medication for depression.
She appeared to show no emotion as she was led from the dock.
Outside court, Juttla recalled his horror at the rant. “I was pretty shocked, and I don’t want to go through anything like this again,” he said. “I was born in this country, and I don’t accept any of this behaviour.
“For a third party to say ‘You are on benefits, you are unemployed, you are not British’ … I don’t accept it.
“I think the judge probably made the right decision – she got the order for five years, and she’s got 21 weeks. Hopefully she’ll learn from that.”
In December 2008, Woodhouse verbally abused a male passenger while on a train to Stratford. She asked whether he had paid taxes, adding: “I have had enough of it. Why don’t they go back to where they come from?”

Mary J. Blige My Charity Was Hijacked By Financial Idiots

Mary J. Blige has learned a valuable lesson about running a charity since her foundation was slapped with a $250,000 lawsuit -- telling TMZ, she let dumbasses handle her finances ... and now she's paying the price.

TMZ broke the story ... Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now is being sued by TD Bank over a $250k loan it took out back in June 2011.

TD Bank claims it loaned FFAWN the money in June 2011 -- and FFAWN agreed to repay it by December 2011 ... but so far, TD Bank has only received $368.33.

Now, Mary tells us, "As Founder and CEO of FFAWN, I am ultimately responsible for anything that goes wrong. The problem is that I didn't have the right people in the right places doing the right things. This should have never been allowed to happen, but it did and now we are fixing it."

The singer says she's working tirelessly with a new team of experts to "get the Foundation back on track, rectify outstanding issues, and make good on all of FFAWN's obligations."

HELP, I am Innocent – Nigerian Pastor Joshua Esosa Sentenced 15 Months In Austria For Drug Cries For Justice

This is a sad story of a Nigerian who is a pastor in one of the new generation churches in Vienna called Grace Ministries International. Pastor Joshua Esosa is from Edo State and in the narration of his unbelievable ordeal, he recounted how he had been arrested, framed up and jailed for a crime he said that he had never committed. His experience as he told it could only be likened to the American HOLLYWOOD films packed with action and suspense and as such incredible and scary for most people who are blacks and especially Nigerians living in Austria .
We have heard that similar ugly stories happened many years ago but in recent years one can vouch that the Austrian police has made tremendous improvement that experiences like this one of Pastor Joshua Esosa is strange to most of us. Therefore, my worries which should be the feelings of most people are not against the Austrian police as an entity but rather against these few groups of people that have decided to pervert the course of justice by protecting the real criminal if the story of Pastor Esosa should stand. Consequently, I appeal to the Austrian police to help and dig out the truth since the crack down is not against race or colour but rather against evils and agents of Satan within us. We all should be partners in progress in circumstances like this since every system in every country is never
completely free from bad ones which Austria is of course not immune to. Therefore, my sincere appeal is not only to the police authority but to the entire Austrian authority, corporate bodies and individuals that are concerned that our society is being threatened by idiots who make hard drugs accessible to our children to help in any way they can to expose the real offender/s in this case so that this innocent man will be set free, that is my humbly appeal.
Globalisation of the world is not only in technology but also in the movements of humans. If Arnold Schwarzenegger who is originally from Steiermark , Austria could go to the US and rose to a point to have governed a state like California , a Nigerian, Pastor Joshua Esosa should not be ruined and destroyed because he could rise tomorrow to be a wonder turning bishop in Austria . Injustice done to one person is injustice done to all. Arise, people of conscience!
Here is the story of Pastor Esosa’s tribulation.
“I am Pastor Joshua Esosa from Edo State . My story is so sad, humiliating and painful each time I remember that bitter experience of 2nd February 2011. On this day, I just closed from the church and went straight home in twelfth district in Vienna to an apartment provided for me by the church because as at of this time I had problems with my wife and because of the nature of the society we are living in, we were trying to sort out things living separately. At about 11pm on this day, my wife called me and said that she was sick and that I should come home to take care of the children so that she could go to the hospital. It was very unusual that I felt somehow. However, I told her that it was already too late because it would take me about an hour to get to there now and whether she could not wait till the next day. She insisted that I should please try to come.
So, I now went to see her. When I got there it was around12 midnight and I had to press the bell because I did not have the key. And before I could open the door the police had already accosted and apprehended me and said, ‘You drug dealer, drug dealer, drug dealer’. And I said, what; me a drug dealer? I did not even resist them as I allowed them to search me. They searched me and found €600 with the church cash card and said, ‘Yeah this is the drug money’. I told them that €400 of that €600 was the money of the church that I had withdrawn few hours ago from AKH and that if they go to the bank they would see that what I had told them was the truth.

Please  electronics don’t tell lies. The full page of the account
statement  of the churh. The high lighted place shows the day
and time Pastor  Esosa made the withdrawal of the money the
police found with him.
 But the judge again reject this as an evidence.  
Part of the full page of the account statement showing clearly the name of the church and the name of the financial secretary who made this document available to me

They searched my bag and did not find anything and they took me that night to a destination I did not know that it was Burgenland until the next day. In the morning that day, I guess that it was around 10am because I did not have a watch, they took me to their office and started to interview me. They said that they knew me because they had been monitoring me selling drugs for over a year now and that the people I had sold drugs to were all in prison. I said, God forbid! They said that they recorded my voice, I then said good if you did that. So they now showed me some pictures on the computer and asked if I knew the people and I said that I didn’t know them.
They now brought out the picture of the person they said that they had been monitoring, and the background was a winter background because the person was wearing a winter cap that covered his ears. So what they now did was to put me on my own winter cap and arrange it to look like the picture of the person they were looking for and took me pictures and then they said if anybody confirms that they know me in the prison that that would be all they needed. So they went to the prison and came back and said yes two people had confirmed that they knew me. I said what? I am not a drug dealer, I do not deal on drugs and I can never do that. They said that the judge had asked for me to be sent to prison immediately. That was how I was sent to prison on February 3rd, 2011 and I was there till September 23rd 2011.”
When I wanted to know whether he contacted people for help he replied and said “of course I contacted the Nigerian Embassy the same February but the embassy didn’t show up until I was sentenced ending of July 2011 and they now came in August 2011. I contacted people, my fellow pastors and everybody. The letters my wife wrote to the embassy are still here.” I collected copies of the letters from him.
He went on. “I started a German course in the prison and one day while we were on break during one of our lessons I went back to my room and saw some strange people in the room and I turned back because I thought that I had entered a wrong room, but as I made steps to go back my room mate called me to come in that it was our room. I went in and did what I wanted to do and left back to the lecture. When our class was over after hours, I came back to my room and still met these people discussing. I went straight to my corner and was reading my bible when I had a call that I had a visitor who happened to be my wife. By the time I went back to the room these people were no longer there and my roommate now told me that those people that I had seen before, that one of them had been my accomplice. I said what? Why did you not tell me while they were here so that I could confront them? I was very uncomfortable with the development and angry. I said to myself, I had not been allowed to go to the church in the prison with the reason that my accomplice went to the same church but now the same accomplice they had brought to my room perhaps to study me so that he could say that he knew me in the court, I wept. 2 hours later still infuriated, my lawyer came and I told him what had happened and he shared the same fears with me but told me not to worry that he would take care of that.
This is the pounded yam powder which is very common in every Nigerian household that the police took as cocain powder. One of the evidences the police was holding strongly against pastor Esosa.
Before the first hearing they said that they had found powder which I had used in mixing drugs in my room and I told them that the only thing I knew that I had there in my room was powdered yam and I did not have any other powder and if they had found any other thing in my room it meant they had put it there. They said that they had also found black canvas in my room that was exactly the same type the drug dealer had worn and therefore it was evidence against me. On the court day my witness now brought the powdered yam to the court for the police to see that it was not the type of powder they had conceived in their minds. The judge now queried them why had they not done an examination of the powder in the laboratory first before coming to the conclusion that they had found a powder which I had used in mixing drugs? They now brought eight people to come and testify against me that I had sold drugs to them, but I thank God that six of the people said that they did not know me except those two people that were in the prison. And importantly too, one of these people that were supposed to have testified against me told the court that I had not been the one because he still had bought drugs from the person they had been looking for while I was still in prison. Again the judge ignored this information.
This is the type of shoes the police claimed the drug dealer had worn. Are you a Nigerian living in Vienna, Austria and having this kind of shoes? You could be a suspect.

After this hearing they brought a strange report they had written about me and I was very upset and down. My roommate, an Austrian who could not stand my tears and the injustice meted to me anymore, pitied my sorrow and looked at me one day and told me that I was not the drug dealer. And I said to him; how did he know that I was not the one? He said that in his former room before he had been transferred to my room that the person they claimed that had been my accomplice had been his roommate and that one night he had heard him talking to someone in a low voice thinking that he had been asleep that I was not the one but that the real drug dealer was outside and that they were trying to protect him. I knelt down immediately, wept and begged him. I asked him; please, will you help me to write down these things you have just said now to the judge or public prosecutor? And he said that he was afraid to do so because he was also in prison. I tried as much as I could to convince him to see reasons why an innocent person like me should not be allowed to rotten in prison, he refused and I decided to allow him but when my lawyer came I told him the story. My lawyer now in his wisdom included him as one of my witnesses without his consent and the day he got a letter from the court as one of my witnesses, he was very upset and I had to beg him close to tears to help me which he reluctantly after much pressure accepted.

On the final hearing day he came and told the court what he had heard and explained further that he had lived with me for sometime now in the same room and that he had studied me and had seen my kind of person, that I was not the drug dealer. But the judge shunned his testimony by telling him to go and sit down because he himself had equally had a drug case before. They now asked me if I knew these people, referring to those people that were supposed to have been my drug buyers, and I told them (court) that I did not know any of them and that I did not deal on drugs and that if I was a drug dealer that these people numbering over 50 here could not have come all the way from Vienna twice now to stand by me. I now asked the judge; in your years of experience, have you ever had the experience where this huge number of people turned out at different occasions to stand beside someone who is a drug dealer? And the judge said that what they were expecting me was to say sorry and I said, to say sorry for what, for what I did not do. He the judge now said okay, that they sentenced me for 15 months. They asked if I will appeal it. I said yes of course I will appeal it because I cannot accept what I did not do. And that was how the process of an appeal was made.
I was finally sentenced around ending of July 2011 and on September 23rd 2011 I was released. I was freed on a Friday and usually our prison closes on Fridays 12pm so while the door of our prison was opening that day I was let out, I was thinking that they were bringing in a new person but was surprised when I was told to pack my things within 5 minutes and leave. I had a bad feeling going through these sad moments within these few seconds and reacted to know why I should be asked to leave in 5 minutes under such command after having been kept here for so long. The person who brought the message said that he had told me, he closed the door and left. My roommates celebrated with me and helped me to pack my things. 5 minutes time he actually came, pushed me out and gave me €50 for my transport and asked me to come on the coming Monday to take any of my remaining things.
I spent about 8 hell months in that prison, from February 2011 to September 2011 for a crime I had not committed. I was traumatised for a sin I knew nothing about probably because I am a black man and a Nigerian. I nearly went mad for what I never imagined in my life. Over my dead body that I will deal on drugs as a man of God, my yes remains yes, I am not guilty.  As I speak now, I do not know on which ground or why I was released because according to the sentence I was not supposed to have been set free before May 2012.
One thing I want the world to know is that, no matter the evidences manufactured against me, I am innocent. No matter the level of conspiracy against me, I am guiltless. The God I serve cannot be put to shame because He did not fail Abraham, He did not fail Hannah, He did not fail Job etc. and He can never fail me. I am on my knees.”
His wife speaks, “My husband is not a drug dealer. I want justice.”
The story of Pastor Joshua Esosa’s wife which she described as horror was pitiful and sad because of the shock the children had got.
In nutshell, she said that when the police men had come that day, that they had already slept and had only woken up by the thunder like noise from the smashed door by the police. She said that all what she had heard was ‘gbooza’ and that she had to immediately jump up from bed and had to firstly rush to her last born, her son and that within almost the same seconds that police men had been everywhere in the room asking about her husband and ransacking all they could lay their hands on. She had sorrowfully narrated that the children had been scared to the marrow and that the fear of that horror had terribly traumatised them which they still have not overcome and may never completely overcome till the rest of their lives. She alleged that she had been threatened to lie to make her husband come to the house that night or else that they (police) would have to take her children to ‘Jugendamt’ (youth welfare office). She said that under such trembling shock and fear that she had to call her husband and lie to him as commanded that she had been seriously sick and had to go to hospital.
According to her, not sure of what to do to the door smashed by the police, she said that the door had remained un-repaired for about three months and that they had seen hell under winter cold because they were living with open door until they could not bear it anymore that they had to call someone who had carried out a minor repair that had helped them at least close the door against cold.
Picture don't tell lies. This door is still in a sorry state that they are still using some tissues and papers in supporting it to stay closed.

Her message to the world is that her husband is innocent because he is not a drug dealer and she wants the world to help her get justice. In her words “My husband is not a drug dealer. He has never done that and can never do that and I will stand for him anytime and anywhere. I want justice, they should free my husband.”
Efforts made to get in contact with the judge to comment were yet to yield results before press time.
Please follow this link (click here) to sign this petition to free Pastor Joshua Esosa. When you sign, it is going straight to the ministry of justice  Vienna ,  Austria . Help us to free an innocent man and improve the image of Nigerians and black Africans in  Austria.
The appeal court hearing will be coming up on June 6th, 2012 from 9:30am to 12pm in Landesgericht, Saal 305/3, Wickenburggasse 22, 1080 Wien.
Please, we appeal for solidarity by turning up that day in court.
A demonstration has also been organised to take place on June 1st, 2012, starting from Museumstraße 7, 1070  Vienna  by 2:00pm.
Pastor Joshua Esosa can be reached under this number: +43 6765378700
Uzoma Ahamefule, a concerned patriotic citizen writes from  Vienna ,  Austria
Mail: Phone:     +436604659620 (sms only)

Beyonce Has Huge Fight With Jay-Z Over Kim Kardashian

Beyonce Has Huge Fight With Jay-Z Over Kim Kardashian
Sources from have learned that Jay-Z and Beyonce are currently having the biggest fight they’ve ever had in their marriage. The problem began before the 40th birthday party for Jay’s best friends Ty Ty, this party was planned for several months.
But then Kim Kardashian came along and asked her boyfriend Kanye if she could go with him to the party and he said yes, and that did not sit well with Beyonce whatsoever. When Beyonce heard that Kim was going to be attending she actually went so far as asking Jay to revoke the invitation, but of course Jay couldn’t do that to Kanye.

So Beyonce refused to attend the party and you can just imagine how this hurt Jay because Ty Ty is not only his best friend but also the God father to their daughter Blue.
Now I agree with Beyonce and then I don’t; Kim is just complete garbage and I would hate to attend anything with her myself, but this is really a low blow to Jay. There are things in life you have to do even though you don’t like it so that others can be happy, especially people you claim to love. Beyonce is being incredibly selfish and childish, even though Kim was there didn’t mean she had to talk to her or anything. She could have just had fun without being near her, the whole not attending thing was over dramatic for no reason.

Video:D'banj -Oliver Twist -SB.TV A64

Nigerian pop star D' banj did A64(Acoustic session) of his hit single 'oliver twist' on Smokey barz TV (SBTV). check it out below

Trybe Records 2.0 Welcomes Their First Femcee, Eva | Watch HipTV’s Exclusive Special on Eva

Trybe Records 2.0 welcomes their newest member to the record label, the rapper extraordinaire, Eva.
eLDee, the record label’s CEO tweeted this earlier today:
So, joining the ranks of artists K9 and Sojay; artist/producer Sheyman and super-producer Sarz, Eva is the first femcee on the record label since Sasha and since they launched Trybe Records 2.0. This was what she had to say with regards to the record deal prior to eLDee‘s announcement:
I can’t wait to see what this deal will do to the Nigerian music industry (anticipating a Sarz-produced Eva single soon). Also, here’s HipTV’s exclusive Special on Eva – “Music Everywhere With Eva”.

Justin Bieber Wants To Quit The Buisness

Justin Bieber Wants To Quit The Buisness
Justin Bieber told ”The Hollywood Reporter” that days like he had this week, has made him think about about quitting the business for good, “There were so many times when I just wanted to say, ‘Enough is enough, I don’t want to do this anymore.’”
After this week’s altercation with a paparazzi, Justin was sought after by the cops about the fight with a person who was trying to take a picture of him and this not the first time he was rude to a person taking a picture of him. In February, two girls just wanted to take a picture of Justin because they were huge fans and he gave them the middle finger, this guy is just a natural at being an a*s to fans.
What will Justin do with his life after giving up music? Live his life as a lesbian transvestite by night and just a washed up singer who quit because he’s a b*tch by day? Who knows, the fact is, that this kid isn’t mature enough to deal with the fame he’s accuired.
When Justin went to promote his new album in England, he acted spoiled and insulted the man’s accent. He’s just not professional enough to have all this fame. How does having your picture taken hurt anyone? It’s just a damn picture, it’s not like the flash on the camera is going to blast a hole in your chest or make your eyes pop out of your skull; there is no reason for him to be so angry on these occasions.
If Justin does quit making music I can’t see it as a bad thing, because his music is not that good anyway and he just can’t handle the responsibilities that come with fame, so he might as well just leave already.

“I Am Not A Porn Star To Sing A Profane Song” – Mzbel

Mzbel on Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet
Mzbel on Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet
Following the release of her latest single ‘She Saw Me’, GhanaCelebrities.Com predicted that Mzbel will get the headlines for that controversial song and it appears we were right with the prediction.
Already people have started reading meanings into the song. Mzbel was compelled to scream “I am not a porn star to sing a profane song” in an interview with NewsOne.

Click here to download a copy.

Read below…
Sexy Sassy singer Mzbel is under pressure to convince the public that her newly released single, ‘She Saw Me’, is not a profane song.
This comes at a time when she is yet to recover from the disappointment of not being able to perform at the Keri Hilson/Bow Wow concert because her lead dancer had been hijacked by another artiste.
Mzbel sang the song in three different languages; English, Ga and Twi and some of the expressions in English, when translated in Ga or Twi, sounded very vulgar and could mean the female sex organ.
Already, the track is causing uproar in Ga and Twi-speaking communities as the controversy heightens on whether the alleged profanity in the song was deliberate or coincidental.
But the all-time hit singer has told News-One she has done nothing wrong by singing that song because she did not mean to be profane.
“I have heard what people are saying about the song but I can’t be blamed if others are interpreting it the way they want to. I am not a porn star to sing a profane song. If I wanted to mention a profane word in Ga or in Twi, I would say it directly without playing on words by saying ‘saw me’. ‘She Saw Me’ is not profane unless you want to interpret it as such but I am the singer and that was not what I meant,’ Mzbel, known in private life as Nana Ekua Amoah, told News-One.
The track was produced by Jay-Q and is currently up for free download on her website,
“It is a single. I am currently releasing singles and would compile them in December for my album. My next single would be with Appietus and I am also doing one with Kesse,” Mzbel disclosed.
Mzbel, over the weekend, could not perform at the Keri Hilson/Bow Wow concert that came off at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre although the MC had announced the musician was coming on stage and the DJ had started playing her instrumental.
News-One gathered that Mzbel had rehearsed her performance with particular dancers who had specific instructions on how the show would be choreographed.
However, when Mzbel was introduced and she was backstage waiting to do her thing, her dancers were nowhere to be found because they had just finished dancing for the previous artiste and had not finished changing into another costume for Mzbel’s performance.

All For Don Jazzy…Girl Sends Nude Pics To Don Jazzy On Twitter

A girl who is obsessed with Don Jazzy and tweets at him every day, mistakenly sent her nude pics to a fake Don Jazzy account, after the guy admitted it was Don Jazzy’s second account. The fake Don Jazzy finally exposed her on twitter and damn her response will shock you. ‘I came to this world naked, and naked will I return. SO WTF? giggle’. Click to see the pictures that were sent


2 Shotz Responds To Accusation Of Collecting N100,000 Without Appearing For Show

     Rapper 2 shotz has responded to the accusation by lead city university students that he collected N100,000 from them for a fashion show and didn't appear  .The rapper has responded through his publicist , read below:

"It’s been deemed necessary for 2shotz to respond through his publicist, about the stories making rounds that he collected money for a fashion event in Lead City University Ibadan and refused to turn up.
The said amount [N100, 000] was meant for 2Shotz appearance at the fashion show. It must be made clear that 2Shotz has a no refund policy of such fee.
  Unlike stories going round, 2Shotz was actually in Ibadan for the event but unfortunately, the organizers did not pick him (2Shotz) up at the hotel for the show.  As expected anywhere in the world, when you invite an artiste for an event, it is the responsibility of the organizers to get the artiste to the said venue, something these organizers failed to do, as seen in the attached conversation.
 “I was very angry, that the organizers could bring me to Ibadan, and did not find it necessary to come pick me up at the hotel” said 2Shotz
It is rather unfortunate, that the organizers could still go ahead and paint up such story.
2Shotz remains faithful to his fans and will continue to churn out good music that will always keep" 

MUSIC VIDEO: JAY Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The World’s First Zero-Star Hotel zero star hotel unique hotels travel Switzerland Swiss artists Null Stern Hotel Hotels Frank and Patrik Riklin European travel  entertainment  The Worlds First Zero Star HotelWe all know what a five-star hotel implies, but what about a zero-star hotel? Hmmm…zero-star I’m finding doesn’t necessarily mean “horrible,” just “different.”
Located between the mountains in Switzerland, the Null Stern Hotel is the brainchild of Swiss artists ( and twin brothers) Frank and Patrik Riklin and happens to be the world’s only zero-star hotel.
Considered a truly underground experience, the Null Stern has the tagline: “The only star is you,” and they mean it. This hotel is literally placed inside of a Cold War bunker.
There are no views since there are no windows, and privacy is at a minimum because bathrooms are zero star hotel unique hotels travel Switzerland Swiss artists Null Stern Hotel Hotels Frank and Patrik Riklin European travel  entertainment  The Worlds First Zero Star HotelLook on the bright side, this is one of the cheapest places you’ll ever stay short of your mother’s couch; the cost is a mere 7€ ($8USD) per night per person.
The massive concrete structure features near-two-foot-thick blast doors designed to withstand the full brunt of a nuclear, chemical, or, I’m assuming, zombie attack.
Once inside the ex-nuclear shelter, deep underground, you’ll find two large rooms enabling 14 people to sleep in the same space – so you had better play well with others.
In the bunker’s heyday, this fallout shelter had the ability to hold as many as 200 people in time of crisis; as a hotel, that number dwindled considerably. zero star hotel unique hotels travel Switzerland Swiss artists Null Stern Hotel Hotels Frank and Patrik Riklin European travel  entertainment  The Worlds First Zero Star HotelLuxury amenities at this hotel are at a minimum, but they do exist; there are noise-reducing earplugs, slippers, and a hot water bottle; yes, a hot water bottle due to the fact that a heating system is non-existent.
In an interview with The Guardian, Patrik Riklin shared his and his brother’s philosophy,  “We wanted to create a space of contrasts, like sugar and fish. They are two things that naturally don’t go together, but matched up they make people think, for good or bad. That’s how we see the Null Stern. We kept the internal structure of the shelter intact – the concrete and the duct-work – and then we added the warmth of antique beds and furniture. For us, it’s an art installation before it’s a hotel – a place where people can think about their surroundings.”
“Art installation” might be stretching it a bit; but then again, art is subjective.
Not the place for everyone (or most), the Null Stern will be an experience of a lifetime – just hope it’s one you choose to take and are not forced to take. zero star hotel unique hotels travel Switzerland Swiss artists Null Stern Hotel Hotels Frank and Patrik Riklin European travel  entertainment  The Worlds First Zero Star Hotel

Don Jazzy tells THISDAY Style ‘Mo’Hits will never die’

Don Jazzy and The Mavins in an exclusive photo shoot for THISDAY Style
In this interview culled from ThisDay Style, the hit producer says he believes the hit label ‘lives on’.
Tell me a bit about yourself; what was your childhood like?
Well, I was born in Umuahia but spent most of my childhood in Lagos after our family moved here. I am the eldest of four kids. I have always loved music and started banging drums and instruments when I was a kid. As I grew older, I started experimenting with different sounds even if they didn’t make sense.
What inspired you to go into music?
I have always been surrounded by music growing up. My father was in the music business and retains a very special interest in it until today. Music was part and parcel of our everyday life.
Was it an easy take breaking into the Nigerian entertainment industry?
God has been extremely generous to me so thankfully it has not been so bad. But believe me, there were some trials. After we set up, we even considered selling it off when some offers came in. If not that there were some delays, we may have sold for like N1m. Fortunately, it was not to be and God allowed us go from strength to strength.
Contrary to some of your predecessors, it didn’t take you long to create a niche for yourself as the don of the Nigerian entertainment and the beats master. What was the secret behind your success?
God almighty, a lot of hard work, a wonderful team, loads of practice and study of the music game, knowing what the people want, and loving what I do.
The birth of MAVIN signifies a new era for you. How do you feel about it?
I feel gingered and ready to work as always. Nothing stops. We will just keep working. I’m excited because things look beautiful so far for a new company. I am the kind of person who always looks forward to what he does. MAVIN is like a new child for me and I am so excited about it. On the day we launched I could hardly even sleep.
There have been a lot of speculations and wild rumours; could you clear the air as to real reason behind the breakup of the record label?
Most of the things out there have been fabricated. I have not even been giving interviews until after the launch of MAVIN so where the stories came from, I do not know. There was no major problem behind the split. D’banj and I just decided we wanted to branch out and try different things musically and professionally.
The dictionary definition of the MAVIN means someone who is dazzlingly skilled in his field an expert so to say. Was there a particular reason to the choice of this name for your record label? Were you perchance trying to pass a message to your fans?
Yes! You always think hard when creating a company. You think about what beat describes you or the company or how people see you as. So MAVIN meaning genius kind of sounded sexy (Laughing) although people have been complaining that we are forcing them to read the dictionary for the meaning of the MAVIN and even Solar Plexus, the name of the new album. Everybody has his or her own unique skill in life, whatever it is you do, don’t just be amazing at it, be a MAVIN at it.
There’s a fresh addition to the group in person of Tiwa Savage, a clear diversion from the all-male feel of the group. If at all an addition, why a female artist, and why Tiwa Savage?
Even at, I wanted to sign a female artiste but the opportunity never really came up. Tiwa and I have a connection musically. We work well together that’s why she was first choice to get activated.
Do you have any plans to push MAVIN deep into the international market? And do you intend to go about it?
Yes we all definitely want to grow. And we intend to go about it one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. We are Nigerians and this is our base but African music is hot in the world right now so we must meet that demand too.
Where did you draw inspirations from during the creation of Solar Plexus?
Well the name itself actually came from my dad. He loves winding us with big grammar. The inspiration for the album itself came from God. I just wanted to make songs that were different from songs out at the moment production wise. Although I played with sounds not common in the Nigerian market now, I am glad it’s working fine meaning we Nigerians are now opening up our ears to alien sounds little by little.
Seeing as the album was created just a little while after the breakup of records, how were you able to concentrate in the midst of all the mayhem?
It wasn’t easy. But I am someone that doesn’t have any trouble and don’t like trouble each other. I have built myself up in a way that not a lot of things bother me. There is nothing you can’t achieve with hard work and prayers. I always just try and let the music do the talking.
Is there any possibility of reconciliation between you and D’banj, not only in terms of the brotherly friendship that existed between you but also to create music?
(Laughs) Who said we quarrelled? There can only be reconciliation when people have quarrelled before. We are good. We even worked together recently on the ‘Oliver Twist‘ remix and performed in New York.
Is Don Jazzy a musician or a producer?
(Laughs) All of the above.
A last word on the death of Mo’Hits any regrets?
None. No matter how much people call it that, it actually can’t die. The great songs we made as will outlive you and I.  Mo’Hits lives on in every one of us.

Why We Bought A Private Jet – P Square

Jude Okoye has stated the reason why his brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye, P Square, recently acquired a private jet : It is to travel around in style and to meet up with our busy schedules.
In a brief phone chat with R from Johannesburg, Jude said the duo had been busy shooting commercials and working hard on their next album.
“We shall be here till next month. As already tweeted, we thank our fans for being there for us.”
One of their tweets recently gave the duo out about their new acquisition. “Jetting privately….thanks to God and the fans. You all made it possible. Baba God done settle us…I no go lie. Just included on our list…that very list……shhhhhh,” Peter tweeted few hours ago.
According to information, the award winning twins recently paid an Arabian several millions of dollars to pick this private airbus.
P-Square top the list of privileged few of Nigeria’s new generation of musicians who are making money from music. With landed properties in Jos, Port Harcourt and their newly built Lagos mansion, it’s no doubt that the dynamic duo are living large.
Tribune Newspaper


Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music Family (Photo)

Good Music Family
(From Left to Right: Pusha T, D’Banj, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Big Sean, Teyana Taylor, Mr. Hudson, Hit-Boy, CyHi The Prynce)
What does this picture say?

Charly Boy Vows To Sue Over Gay And Illuminati Rumours


NTA Newsline TV Broadcaster Sele Eradiri Dead At 57

      Sele Eradiri, the Nigeria Television Authority broadcaster who featured on a weekly popular program "Newsline" is dead. 
    Ms. Eradiri died at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital early this morning according to former colleagues.
A former colleague who did not want to be named told Saharareporters that Eradiri had been laying sick at LUTH after her condition deteriorated shortly after returning from a successful surgery in India a few months ago.
Born on March 13, 1955, Ms. Eradiri attended the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton from where she graduated in 1983 ·

'Monster' hid Etan's body in bodega fridge before trash dump: sources

He put Etan’s body on ice.
The man who confessed to strangling little Etan Patz was calculating enough to stash the child’s corpse in a basement walk-in refrigerator before tossing it out with the trash, sources told The Post yesterday.
Demented murder suspect Pedro Hernandez, 51, revealed to authorities that after killing the child May 25, 1979, “he put him in the walk-in box and kept him there until he took him out and put him in the garbage,” a law-enforcement source said.
It’s unclear how long Hernandez, then 19, kept the boy’s body hidden in the basement fridge at his family’s SoHo bodega, where he worked as a stock boy, after killing him. Etan’s body had been stuffed in a plastic bag and then put into a box before being stowed in the walk-in, sources said.
PUZZLE: Pedro Hernandez allegedly hid Etan Patz in a walk-in cooler below or next to the bodega where he worked in 1979. Cops are now searching the SoHo block.
Stanley Patz
PUZZLE: Pedro Hernandez allegedly hid Etan Patz in a walk-in cooler below or next to the bodega where he worked in 1979. Cops are now searching the SoHo block.
Stanley Patz
Pedro Hernandez
Inside Edition
Pedro Hernandez
But the grisly package remained there until the coast was clear and Hernandez could sneak it out to the street that night. He told cops he wound up carrying the box to an alley down the block and dumping it in other garbage that was later hauled off by a trash truck.
The lurid detail came during Hernandez’s stunning confession to cops last week in which he admitted to luring the towheaded 6-year-old into the bodega with the promise of a cold soda. Etan had been walking to his school bus stop — just across the street from the bodega — by himself for the very first time when he was abducted.
Cops are feverishly poring over old blueprints of the building to see if they include any description of the walk-in.
A longtime resident said the bodega’s owner at the time, identified as Luis, also used the basements of two neighboring businesses for storage and illegal cockfights.
Hernandez could have brought Etan’s body to a refrigerator that was either in a common storage area used by both businesses or in a space directly below the bodega where the owner’s wife cooked.
Cops want to confirm that Hernandez’s descriptions of the basement space where the walk-in was located matches architectural drawings from that time to make sure he’s telling the truth.
They also are reviewing Sanitation Department records to try to confirm other details of his confession and to determine whether it would make sense to search for Etan’s remains in a landfill.
Sources yesterday said the child’s remains could have wound up in the now-closed Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island or the Fountain Avenue landfill in Brooklyn.
They also could have been brought to the Gansevoort incinerator on West 12th Street.
The NYPD plans to scour sanitation, landfill and incinerator log books from that time before determining whether to launch a search for the remains, Sanitation spokesman Vito Turso said.
The grisly developments came as sources told The Post that NYPD brass pressured a reluctant Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to OK Hernandez’s arrest, despite Vance’s concerns over a lack of corroborating evidence.
The DA — still stung by criticism for busting French pol Dominique Strauss-Kahn in a Manhattan sex case, only to later drop the charges because of the alleged victim’s lack of credibility — wanted more proof before charging Hernandez with murder, said several law-enforcement sources.
“After the last headache with DSK, you don’t want another black eye,” one source told The Post.
“You only have one guy making a confession; you don’t have corroborating evidence. That’s never a way to do any case, never mind a high-profile case like this,” the source said. “The DA was not happy to rush to make this arrest. They wanted more things done.”
An FBI source suggested that Vance’s misgivings would explain why he wasn’t at the news conference where Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced Hernandez’s arrest — even though Vance had campaigned on reopening the case.
“Hey, he’s bipolar,” the FBI source said of Hernandez. “Not that this is not the guy — it might be. But there is skepticism.”






Watch The James Bond 'Skyfall' Trailer

Watch The James Bond 'Skyfall' Trailer
Daniel Craig is back as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 in Skyfall. In the film Bond's loyalty is tested to M as her past creeps back into her present. After an MI6 is attacked Bond has to destroy the threat and it just might be the closest person to him. Check out the trailer of the gorgeous eyed Mr. Bond completes another mission.
Watch below!

Man butchers wife with machete

bloody machete
A 50-year-old Togolese man has been detained by the New Tafo-Akyem Police for allegedly murdering his wife after accusing her of infidelity.
Yaw Avoke, unemployed, walked to the police station to hand himself over after allegedly carrying out his diabolical act.
According to the police, Avoke reportedly used a heavy stick to hit the head of his wife, Akusi Ajoda, 48, from behind, before inflicting multiple machete wounds on her at their remote cottage at Gyanse, near Osiem in the Fanteakwa District in the Eastern Region.
He was said to have showed no mercy to the helpless woman, with whom he had seven children, also Togolese, who was preparing supper for the family about 7.40 p.m. on May 25, 2012.
According to the police, the suspect struck his wife down from behind and, after she had fallen down, used a machete to butcher her.
While she was on the ground, she made several attempts to defend herself with both hands, while at the same time screaming for help, but Avoke was said to have used the machete to chop off both hands, rendering her incapacitated to defend herself.
According to the police, Avoke inflicted further machete wounds at the back of the Akusi’s head, her body, legs and arms and other parts of the body.
After killing her, he used fresh plantain leaves to cover the body and walked to the Osiem Police Station to hand himself over to the police.
Akusi had two children from her previous marriage before marrying Avoke some years ago.
The two had lived together with some of their young children in their isolated cottage for some years until the suspect began complaining that his wife was flirting with another person, for which reason she showed him no respect.
The New Tafo-Akyem Divisional Police Commander, Assistant Superintendent of Police John Yeboah, told the Daily Graphic that when a team of policemen was sent to Gyanse, it found Akusi’s mutilated body and conveyed it to the morgue of the New Tafo Government Hospital.
He said the suspect would be put before court on Monday.

Kola Boof recalls the incident at Arsenio Hall’s party

#Isokay :-)