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'American Idol' Bikini Girl Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

Katrina Darrell -- the girl who infamously auditioned for "American Idol" back in 2009 wearing just a bikini -- insists ... she isn't a drunk hit-and-runner ... pleading "not guilty" to DUI today.

TMZ broke the story ... Katrina was charged last month with one count of DUI and two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run, stemming from her March arrest.

As we reported, Katrina was busted in L.A. after allegedly running a red light and smashing into another car. According to police, Katrina attempted to flee the scene ... but was pulled over down the street by a cop who heard the crash.

Back at the police station, an officer administered a breathalyzer -- and Katrina allegedly blew roughly twice the legal limit in California.

She's due back in court June 29th.

2 girls raped in broad day light robbery

Two females in a bus conveying passengers from Lagos to Abuja were last Tuesday raped by armed robbers who attacked their bus at Sagamu area of Ogun State.
The gunmen also robbed all the passenger. It is learnt that the incident occurred around 12noon.

It was gathered that the three-man gang armed robbers were among the passengers that boarded the bus at Jibowu area of Lagos.

But on getting to Sagamu, they brought out their guns, ordered the driver to stop and then diverted the bus.
The Station Manager, Ifesinachi Bus Transit, the operator of the vehicle, who identified himself simply as Nelson, confirmed the incident. He said the victims would be compensated.
He said, “Truly, the bus was robbed, and I immediately left to meet the victims when the report got to us.

“I addressed everybody, including the two girls that were raped. Some were given money to return home while others were advised to report at our Jibowu office for another bus to convey them to Abuja the next day.


Andre 3000 channels Jimi Hendrix for upcoming biopic 'All is By My Side'

Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000 portrays Jimi Hendrix filming 'All Is by My Side' on May 28, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland.
Jimi Hendrix is back from the dead ... kind of.
Donning an afro and a style straight from the '60s, OutKast's Andre 3000 was snapped Monday on set of the upcoming 'All is By My Side', a biopic about the legendary guitarist.
Andre 3000 – whose real name is Andre Benjamin – will stray from his rapper past to play the psychedelic rocker. The film is said to be based on Hendrix's pre-fame years and is due out next year.
Andre 3000 is snapped on set of his upcoming biopic in full costume as Jimi Hendrix. (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images; JD1/ Ochs Archives/Getty Images; JD1/ Benjamin told the Daily News eight years ago that he was slated to play the guitar god on screen, but it took this long for the pieces to fall into place.
It seems it was well worth the wait for the OutKast rapper. The film, which …

Facebook stock fall knocks Mark Zuckerberg off top 40 richest people list

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg is no longer a top 40 hit.
With Facebook shares floundering since the social-networking company went public, the 28-year-old CEO dropped off the list of the world’s 40 richest people Tuesday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
Zuckerberg’s monetary worth was pegged at $14.7 billion Tuesday, down from $16.2 billion on May 25, Bloomberg reported. In that time, the price of shares dropped 9.6% to $28.84.
“It seems to be a clear reflection that there was just too much stock issued, that the valuation was aggressive and that a lot of people who lined up to buy it really had no intention of holding it,” Jack Ablin, chief investment officer of BMO Harris Private Bank in Chicago, told Bloomberg on Tuesday.

How low will Zuckerberg's fortune go? Justin Sullivan/Getty Images When Facebook shares closed at $38.23 on May 18, the day the stock debuted on the Nasdaq, Zuckerberg’s net worth totaled $19.4 billi…

New Video: Tipsy – I Don’t Know


Train Racist Woman which was posted on YouTube Jailed For 21 Weeks In UK

A drunk woman who racially abused fellow tube travellers in a tirade that was posted online has been jailed for 21 weeks.
Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, from Romford in Essex, launched an expletive-laden rant at passengers on the Central line, telling those seated near her: “I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations.”
A seven-minute video of the verbal assault was uploaded to YouTube and viewed more than 200,000 times.
District judge Michael Snow told Westminster magistrates court, central London: “Anyone viewing it would feel a deep sense of shame that our citizens could be subject to such behaviour and may, as a consequence, believe that it secretly represents the views of other white people.”
The judge told Woodhouse she would serve half her sentence behind bars and banned her for five years from using the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway network while drunk.
He recounted how Woodhouse drunkenly boarded the Tube at about 11pm on 23 Janua…

Mary J. Blige My Charity Was Hijacked By Financial Idiots

Mary J. Blige has learned a valuable lesson about running a charity since her foundation was slapped with a $250,000 lawsuit -- telling TMZ, she let dumbasses handle her finances ... and now she's paying the price.

TMZ broke the story ... Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now is being sued by TD Bank over a $250k loan it took out back in June 2011.

TD Bank claims it loaned FFAWN the money in June 2011 -- and FFAWN agreed to repay it by December 2011 ... but so far, TD Bank has only received $368.33.

Now, Mary tells us, "As Founder and CEO of FFAWN, I am ultimately responsible for anything that goes wrong. The problem is that I didn't have the right people in the right places doing the right things. This should have never been allowed to happen, but it did and now we are fixing it."

The singer says she's working tirelessly with a new team of experts to "get the Foundation back on track, rectify outstand…

HELP, I am Innocent – Nigerian Pastor Joshua Esosa Sentenced 15 Months In Austria For Drug Cries For Justice

This is a sad story of a Nigerian who is a pastor in one of the new generation churches in Vienna called Grace Ministries International. Pastor Joshua Esosa is from Edo State and in the narration of his unbelievable ordeal, he recounted how he had been arrested, framed up and jailed for a crime he said that he had never committed. His experience as he told it could only be likened to the American HOLLYWOOD films packed with action and suspense and as such incredible and scary for most people who are blacks and especially Nigerians living in Austria .
We have heard that similar ugly stories happened many years ago but in recent years one can vouch that the Austrian police has made tremendous improvement that experiences like this one of Pastor Joshua Esosa is strange to most of us. Therefore, my worries which should be the feelings of most people are not against the Austrian police as an entity but rather against these few groups of people that have decided to pervert th…

Beyonce Has Huge Fight With Jay-Z Over Kim Kardashian

Sources from have learned that Jay-Z and Beyonce are currently having the biggest fight they’ve ever had in their marriage. The problem began before the 40th birthday party for Jay’s best friends Ty Ty, this party was planned for several months. But then Kim Kardashian came along and asked her boyfriend Kanye if she could go with him to the party and he said yes, and that did not sit well with Beyonce whatsoever. When Beyonce heard that Kim was going to be attending she actually went so far as asking Jay to revoke the invitation, but of course Jay couldn’t do that to Kanye.
So Beyonce refused to attend the party and you can just imagine how this hurt Jay because Ty Ty is not only his best friend but also the God father to their daughter Blue. Now I agree with Beyonce and then I don’t; Kim is just complete garbage and I would hate to attend anything with her myself, but this is really a low blow to Jay. There are things in life you have to do even though you…

Video:D'banj -Oliver Twist -SB.TV A64

Nigerian pop star D' banj did A64(Acoustic session) of his hit single 'oliver twist' on Smokey barz TV (SBTV). check it out below

Trybe Records 2.0 Welcomes Their First Femcee, Eva | Watch HipTV’s Exclusive Special on Eva

Trybe Records 2.0 welcomes their newest member to the record label, the rapper extraordinaire, Eva. eLDee, the record label’s CEO tweeted this earlier today: So, joining the ranks of artists K9 and Sojay; artist/producer Sheyman and super-producer Sarz, Eva is the first femcee on the record label since Sasha and since they launched Trybe Records 2.0. This was what she had to say with regards to the record deal prior to eLDee‘s announcement: I can’t wait to see what this deal will do to the Nigerian music industry (anticipating a Sarz-produced Eva single soon). Also, here’s HipTV’s exclusive Special on Eva – “Music Everywhere With Eva”.

Justin Bieber Wants To Quit The Buisness

Justin Bieber told ”The Hollywood Reporter” that days like he had this week, has made him think about about quitting the business for good, “There were so many times when I just wanted to say, ‘Enough is enough, I don’t want to do this anymore.’”
After this week’s altercation with a paparazzi, Justin was sought after by the cops about the fight with a person who was trying to take a picture of him and this not the first time he was rude to a person taking a picture of him. In February, two girls just wanted to take a picture of Justin because they were huge fans and he gave them the middle finger, this guy is just a natural at being an a*s to fans.
What will Justin do with his life after giving up music? Live his life as a lesbian transvestite by night and just a washed up singer who quit because he’s a b*tch by day? Who knows, the fact is, that this kid isn’t mature enough to deal with the fame he’s accuired.
When Justin went to promote his new album in England, he acted spoil…

“I Am Not A Porn Star To Sing A Profane Song” – Mzbel

Mzbel on Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet Following the release of her latest single‘She Saw Me’, GhanaCelebrities.Com predicted that Mzbel will get the headlines for that controversial song and it appears we were right with the prediction.
Already people have started reading meanings into the song. Mzbel was compelled to scream “I am not a porn star to sing a profane song” in an interview with NewsOne.

Click here to download a copy.

Read below…
Sexy Sassy singer Mzbel is under pressure to convince the public that her newly released single, ‘She Saw Me’, is not a profane song.
This comes at a time when she is yet to recover from the disappointment of not being able to perform at the Keri Hilson/Bow Wow concert because her lead dancer had been hijacked by another artiste.
Mzbel sang the song in three different languages; English, Ga and Twi and some of the expressions in English, when translated in Ga or Twi, sounded very vulgar and could mean the female sex organ.

All For Don Jazzy…Girl Sends Nude Pics To Don Jazzy On Twitter

A girl who is obsessed with Don Jazzy and tweets at him every day, mistakenly sent her nude pics to a fake Don Jazzy account, after the guy admitted it was Don Jazzy’s second account. The fake Don Jazzy finally exposed her on twitter and damn her response will shock you. ‘I came to this world naked, and naked will I return. SO WTF? giggle’. Click to see the pictures that were sent

2 Shotz Responds To Accusation Of Collecting N100,000 Without Appearing For Show

Rapper 2 shotz has responded to the accusation by lead city university students that he collected N100,000 from them for a fashion show and didn't appear  .The rapper has responded through his publicist , read below:
"It’s been deemed necessary for 2shotz to respond through his publicist, about the stories making rounds that he collected money for a fashion event in Lead City University Ibadan and refused to turn up. The said amount [N100, 000] was meant for 2Shotz appearance at the fashion show. It must be made clear that 2Shotz has a no refund policy of such fee.   Unlike stories going round, 2Shotz was actually in Ibadan for the event but unfortunately, the organizers did not pick him (2Shotz) up at the hotel for the show.  As expected anywhere in the world, when you invite an artiste for an event, it is the responsibility of the organizers to get the artiste to the said venue, something these organizers failed to do, as seen in the attached conversation.  “I wa…

MUSIC VIDEO: JAY Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild


The World’s First Zero-Star Hotel

We all know what a five-star hotel implies, but what about a zero-star hotel? Hmmm…zero-star I’m finding doesn’t necessarily mean “horrible,” just “different.”
Located between the mountains in Switzerland, the Null Stern Hotel is the brainchild of Swiss artists ( and twin brothers) Frank and Patrik Riklin and happens to be the world’s only zero-star hotel.
Considered a truly underground experience, the Null Stern has the tagline: “The only star is you,” and they mean it. This hotel is literally placed inside of a Cold War bunker.
There are no views since there are no windows, and privacy is at a minimum because bathrooms are shared.Look on the bright side, this is one of the cheapest places you’ll ever stay short of your mother’s couch; the cost is a mere 7€ ($8USD) per night per person.
The massive concrete structure features near-two-foot-thick blast doors designed to withstand the full brunt of a nuclear, chemical, or, I’m assuming, zombie attack.
Once inside the ex-n…

Don Jazzy tells THISDAY Style ‘Mo’Hits will never die’

Don Jazzy and The Mavins in an exclusive photo shoot for THISDAY Style In this interview culled from ThisDay Style, the hit producer says he believes the hit label ‘lives on’. Tell me a bit about yourself; what was your childhood like? Well, I was born in Umuahia but spent most of my childhood in Lagos after our family moved here. I am the eldest of four kids. I have always loved music and started banging drums and instruments when I was a kid. As I grew older, I started experimenting with different sounds even if they didn’t make sense. What inspired you to go into music? I have always been surrounded by music growing up. My father was in the music business and retains a very special interest in it until today. Music was part and parcel of our everyday life. Was it an easy take breaking into the Nigerian entertainment industry? God has been extremely generous to me so thankfully it has not been so bad. But believe me, there were some trials. After we set up, we even considered …

Why We Bought A Private Jet – P Square

Jude Okoye has stated the reason why his brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye, P Square, recently acquired a private jet : It is to travel around in style and to meet up with our busy schedules.
In a brief phone chat with R from Johannesburg, Jude said the duo had been busy shooting commercials and working hard on their next album.
“We shall be here till next month. As already tweeted, we thank our fans for being there for us.”
One of their tweets recently gave the duo out about their new acquisition. “Jetting privately….thanks to God and the fans. You all made it possible. Baba God done settle us…I no go lie. Just included on our list…that very list……shhhhhh,” Peter tweeted few hours ago.
According to information, the award winning twins recently paid an Arabian several millions of dollars to pick this private airbus.
P-Square top the list of privileged few of Nigeria’s new generation of musicians who are making money from music. With landed properties in Jos, Port Harcourt …

Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music Family (Photo)

(From Left to Right: Pusha T, D’Banj, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Big Sean, Teyana Taylor, Mr. Hudson, Hit-Boy, CyHi The Prynce)
What does this picture say?

Charly Boy Vows To Sue Over Gay And Illuminati Rumours


NTA Newsline TV Broadcaster Sele Eradiri Dead At 57

Sele Eradiri, the Nigeria Television Authority broadcaster who featured on a weekly popular program "Newsline" is dead.      Ms. Eradiri died at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital early this morning according to former colleagues. A former colleague who did not want to be named told Saharareporters that Eradiri had been laying sick at LUTH after her condition deteriorated shortly after returning from a successful surgery in India a few months ago. Born on March 13, 1955, Ms. Eradiri attended the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton from where she graduated in 1983 ·

'Monster' hid Etan's body in bodega fridge before trash dump: sources

He put Etan’s body on ice.
The man who confessed to strangling little Etan Patz was calculating enough to stash the child’s corpse in a basement walk-in refrigerator before tossing it out with the trash, sources told The Post yesterday.
Demented murder suspect Pedro Hernandez, 51, revealed to authorities that after killing the child May 25, 1979, “he put him in the walk-in box and kept him there until he took him out and put him in the garbage,” a law-enforcement source said.
It’s unclear how long Hernandez, then 19, kept the boy’s body hidden in the basement fridge at his family’s SoHo bodega, where he worked as a stock boy, after killing him. Etan’s body had been stuffed in a plastic bag and then put into a box before being stowed in the walk-in, sources said.
Stanley Patz PUZZLE: Pedro Hernandez allegedly hid Etan Patz in a walk-in cooler below or next to the bodega where he worked in 1979. Cops are now searching the SoHo block. Stanley Patz Inside Edition Pedro Herna…





Watch The James Bond 'Skyfall' Trailer

Daniel Craig is back as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 in Skyfall. In the film Bond's loyalty is tested to M as her past creeps back into her present. After an MI6 is attacked Bond has to destroy the threat and it just might be the closest person to him. Check out the trailer of the gorgeous eyed Mr. Bond completes another mission.
Watch below!

Man butchers wife with machete

Machete A 50-year-old Togolese man has been detained by the New Tafo-Akyem Police for allegedly murdering his wife after accusing her of infidelity.
Yaw Avoke, unemployed, walked to the police station to hand himself over after allegedly carrying out his diabolical act.
According to the police, Avoke reportedly used a heavy stick to hit the head of his wife, Akusi Ajoda, 48, from behind, before inflicting multiple machete wounds on her at their remote cottage at Gyanse, near Osiem in the Fanteakwa District in the Eastern Region.
He was said to have showed no mercy to the helpless woman, with whom he had seven children, also Togolese, who was preparing supper for the family about 7.40 p.m. on May 25, 2012.
According to the police, the suspect struck his wife down from behind and, after she had fallen down, used a machete to butcher her.
While she was on the ground, she made several attempts to defend herself with both hands, while at the same time screaming for help, but …

Kola Boof recalls the incident at Arsenio Hall’s party



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