Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don Jazzy responds to D’banj – ‘I wish you well son’

Nigerian producer, President and CEO of the Mohit’s Record label, Don Jazzy has spoken out on the recent wave of attacks by artist, singer and former (if correct to say) Vice President of Mo’hits, Dapo “Kokomaster Dbanj” Oyebanjo.
In an exclusive telephone interview with Ascology News, Don Jazzy started off by saying he never wanted the issue to become this messy, even as he was aware of the way and manner social media has changed the way people view issue surrounding the lives of celebrities; a reason he said was why he’s always cautious of what he says and the interviews he grants to the media.
Both industry power-weights have been at loggerhead over alleged multiple financial disagreements, discrepancies involved in the signing of artist Dbanj into Kanye West’s Good Music record label, Don Jazzy’s lackadaisical attitude, Dbanj’s alleged public irresponsibility among other differences and conflicts that popped up between both.
“I want to be clear on something that I’m not interested in going into the debates of whatever Dbanj has said, be it through an interview, the press, social media or whatever. People should try and understand that these are very difficult moments for me and I need my space, time and moment to carry on with my life and the production of good music which is what fans have known me for a very long time”. Don Jazzy said.
The iconic producer, whose famous introvert and quiet lifestyle and personality as garnered him an enviable amount of fame, respect and magnanimous swag in Nigeria’s entertainment scene, staunchly dismissed claims by Dbanj buying houses, cars and properties for the Mo’hits boss and fellow artists, calling it “laughable and not worth responding to this early morning” claiming that quick thinking fans know his individual worth and personal financial worth of each artist at Mo’hits.
The Mo’hits boss was however very cautious and even more diplomatic in blaming, accusing or countering accusations attributed to Dbanj in various interviews, saying many of those things could not have been said by the Dbanj and he isn’t surprised when Dbanj claimed his accounts were hacked and also not further surprised when his (Dbanj) publicist released a statement denying some of the statements attributed to him; specifically during the interview with Ebony Magazine that Dbanj owns Mo’hits. Incidentally, Ebony Magazine are yet to release a public apology as earlier released by D’banj’s personal manager and the ‘I own mohits’ part of the interveiew still not excluded as of filing this report.
The Mo’hits boss further said in the unlikely event he decides to let the public knows his own side of the story, there is the tendency for his statements to be misconstrued and manipulated by mischief makers who he blamed use few accurate information to manipulate the public into believing things that never existed (a hint that the alleged email exchange is partially true or totally untrue); an ironical situation he hinted would force him to rather keep mute on the issue and let it die a natural death.
“When this whole thing started, I felt people needed to know what’s happening and in all civility, maturity and wisdom, I made those less than 140 words tweet in 3 separate lines, now see where it has led me to. Mohits is a family and Dbanj is like its son and families do quarell. Expecting me to come out and start countering accusations by one of my best friends ever while accusing him also in the process doesn’t justify my guilt or my innocence or that of his, He (Dbanj) however has a right to his opinion to grant interviews to whoever he wishes to grant interview to, I won’t stop him and won’t stop anyone who wants to believe whatever he says either”, he said.
In further attempts to get the Mo’hits boss talking, he was adamant but rightly so, reminding us of how those famous tweets confirming an apparent rift in the Mohits house got him into the messy situation as we see today.
“It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of a long era and the beginning of a new one..Some of the rumours you have all heard recently are sad but true…The way forward now is to make sure I keep bringing you guys more of the beautiful music y’all love to dance to….And to end d old era I will b donating the proceeds of my production catalogue from day one till date to five charity organizations. Thanks. IDJA”
“Really, if I start responding to every single accusation, then the ‘lazy’ person I’ve been called would come out, and the ‘Fake’ person I am according to critics would obviously come out since I’m not a talkative and you the media know that, I want the handwork of my music productions and the proceeds of good music at Mo’hits to speak for itself, so asking me to comment on issues like this, I really am not just interested, personally my advice to fans is to concentrate on good music from Mo’hits and huhh….well even from Dbanj himself, music is what we were made to create and not controversies”, he added.
It was not immediately clear the positions of other artists at the Mohits house at the time of filing the report as label members Wande Coal, Dr Sid and D’Prince have all been short of economical with their opinions on the rift between their bosses.
As for Wande Coal who in an although diplomatic, yet paradoxically intended tweet to Dbanj said “God please don’t let the success you have given me get to my head to the extent that I will forget my humble beginnings”; the artist has however deleted the tweet shortly after – another debatable scenario which Dbanj sarcastically accused Don Jazzy of personally tweeting.
The multi-award winning music producer however said he wishes artist, Dbanj all the best in all he aspires to do even as he (Don Jazzy) begins a rebuilding, restructuring process.

Iron Man 3's Black Widow Blackout: Scarlett Johansson Skipping Out on Flick?

Scarlett Johansson, Iron Man 2 Paramount Pictures
Looks like Scarlett Johansson won't be an Iron lady.
Iron Man 3's Robert Downey Jr. already has his hands full with two sexy gals, following recent casting news that Jessica Chastain will be joining Gwyneth Paltrow in vying for the superhero's attention in the sequel, which hits theaters next year.
But is three a crowd?
Possibly so, says ScarJo...
MORE: Iron Man 3—Robert Downey Jr.'s Got a New Lady in His Sights; Should Gwyneth Paltrow Be Worried?
The actress, who memorably slinked her way into Iron Man 2 as catsuit-clad Black Widow, reportedly tells Screen Rant that she will not be returning for the blockbuster franchise's third outing.
Hear that? That was the sound of a gazillion fanboys' hearts sinking.
Casting for the flick has been ramping up, and it's recently added thesps like Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce, in addition to Chastain. There's be no indication so far, though, that Johansson will be making a return engagement.
But perk up, peeps: The actress—who'll be unleashing her killer Black Widow moves in The Avengers, which opens next week—hints that she'd be more that game for a Black Widow spin-off...and even has an idea about how to spiff it up.
MORE: Guess Who's Joining the Cast of Iron Man 3? Plus, Five Other Rad Things We Know About the Sequel
"I think that you build this character in the hopes that the fans are like, 'We want more,'" she says. "I personally think there's an awesome Black Widow movie in there, that is like a kind of Bourne type of film, that would take the whole comic-book genre in a completely different direction."
ScarJo seems pretty serious about the possible gig: She's even pitched it to studio suits.
"I've spoken to Marvel about it—there's so much story there to draw from. I think it would be totally awesome."
Uh-huh: We do, too. Somebody please get that catsuit to the cleaners!

NYPD releases video of prostitute accused in $500G diamond heist

NYPD handout
Catch her if you can!
This is the savvy prostitute who allegedly swiped half a million dollars worth of uncut diamonds from a hapless gem trader — caught on surveillance video as she made her barefoot getaway from a Manhattan hotel, police say.
Erika Cooper, 34 — a k a Bianca Williams — is now the target of an NYPD manhunt for allegedly pulling off the April 17 heist at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, where she waited until her john Kurt Kaiser fell asleep before she fled with his loot.
Her big mistake was giving Kaiser her real phone number, which cops have used to identify her and dig up mug shots from an earlier prostitution bust, a police source said.
NYPD handout
Erika Cooper is being sought in the theft of diamonds.
When reached yesterday, Kaiser still sounded enamored of the woman who cleaned him out. He confirmed that she’s the one in the NYPD photos and said, “She was young, hot, beautiful face, but flat-chested.”
The 5-foot-9, 120-pound Cooper, who has brown eyes, jet-black hair and pouty lips, first met Kaiser at the Whiskey Park bar on Central Park South.
Wearing a sexy short black skirt and high-heel pumps, she sidled up to Kaiser as he guzzled vodka and sodas after losing out on a deal to sell more than $500,000 worth of stones, all uninsured.
Kaiser told cops that Cooper chatted him up for 45 minutes and suggested the Cosmopolitan — after a pit stop at CVS for condoms and a $500 gift card.
He claimed yesterday there’s no record of him paying for the gift card.
Kaiser, who is unmarried and lives in Forest Hills, Queens, believes he was drugged. He passed out after sex and she was gone when he woke up.
Cooper, who previously gave cops a Manhattan address that doesn’t exist, has two prior prostitution arrests from 2007 — including one at the swanky Four Seasons, law-enforcement sources said.
Kaiser, who had two partners who were also burned by the theft, initially offered a $5,000 reward for the diamonds but yesterday said he was pulling it back.
The NYPD is asking anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls are strictly confidential.

The Breakfast Club Interviews Wiz Khalifa on His New Album, His Relationship With Amber, Waka Flocka

After dropping his new single "Work Hard Play Hard," Wiz Khalifa paid a visit to Power 105's The Breakfast Club.
The "Black and Yellow" rapper touched upon his beef with Waka Flocka and discussed signing Lola Monroe and ignoring people's opinions of him and Amber Rose in addition to telling the story of how he proposed to her.
Wiz made it clear that he is still unsure of what exactly the problem is with Waka. "Nothing happened," he said. "I ain't do nothing to that kid." He went on to explain "I asked some people around him just to see like what the deal really was. I'm from Pittsburgh. If people really got a problem, you've got a problem. So I asked 'Is this serious?' And they're like 'Nah, I don't know what's going on.' So I'm like 'aight cool.' That was that."
After revealing how he proposed to Amber first thing in the morning while laying in bed, the Pittsburgh MC discussed how he felt about Amber's past and the public's negative view of their relationship. "I never really looked into what people were talking about. Only thing I was concerned with was me and her and that never changed. It only grew and we're the best of friends and we just do more and know more about each other. We love each other."

"I am happy with my entire life, with everything that I've been through just because it's led me to where I'm at now now," said Wiz.

TLC to Resurrect Left Eye for 2012 Reunion Tour?

Don’t say we didn’t call this, but it looks like Left Eye will be making an appearance in an upcoming TLC reunion tour.
TMZ reported the news yesterday after the group’s rep revealed that five major cities have already been booked.
And not only will they be resurrecting the late Lisa Lopes digitally, but her vocals are also set to be part of the show.
We're told the group plans to pull a Tupac -- incorporating their deceased former member Left Eye in the shows, projecting her image on a big screen and working her vocals into the live performances.
Stay tuned and prep your calendars. TLC should be coming to a city near you some time this year.

Dbanj and Don Jazzy Break-Up: JJC Responds

JJC (aka Skillz) is outraged by D’Banj‘s comments about him in an interview about how “he cheated Don Jazzy“ and how they “didn’t go anywhere in four years” and so much more.

In an exclusive interview by NigezieTV with the Big Boyz Entertainment CEO, below is what JJC had to say to Dbanj, and all Nigerians out there that have been following the Dbanj and Don Jazzy saga!

Bombing Of Thisday Newspaper Offices In Abuja

ThisDay nespaper offices in Abuja has come under attack, a source informed Streetwise that the office was bombed a few minutes ago.The attack happened in  Jabi/Utako area

directly opposite the Jabi Motor park. Eyewitnesses said a huge explosion shook neighboring building.