Saturday, March 31, 2012

Barack Obama sings LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It!

Apart from Robbie Williams’ lovely baby news, celebs are (whispers it) being a bit dull today, so it’s time for something silly and fun. It’s a Friday after all…

If you’re counting the seconds until it beer 0’Clock, here’s a way for you to fool your boss into thinking you’re staring at your computer and focusing on work, when actually you’re wasting time and having a giggle. It's Barack Obama "singin" LMFAO's Sexy And I Know it.

Just try not to LOL in the middle of the office, that’s a dead give away.

Fan leaves Jessie J "living in fear"

Fan leaves Jessie J

Jessie J is said to be “living in fear” of a girl who it seems has become her stalker. The girl tweeted the star a photo of her leg which she claims she broke so that she could have it in a cast last year, just like the star had, blimey.

However, the relentless young girl didn’t stop there, she continued to send Jessie strange messages such as “I will do anything to be like you”. The sensitive singer who recently made her debut as a panel judge on new show The Voice is said to be horrified, a source says,

"She's horrified this happened. Jessie's a really, really sensitive and kind girl who loves keeping in touch with her fans. But this incident was just too much for her and she ended up getting really frightened and upset,"

Not only is Jessie worried for the girl who claims to have hurt herself, but she is also worried about her own safety, the source continued,

"She was sad that a fan hurt herself to look like her - but she was also scared for her own safety. Now Jessie's on The Voice and getting bigger and bigger, she knows it is time to review security and the risks to her…She loves her fans but these things are unavoidable in this day and age. It happens to all pop stars as they become bigger. It's one of the downfalls of fame. Jessie would prefer it wasn't this way."

Jessie injured her foot after falling from a stage during rehearsals and has revealed that she will now always suffer with arthritis.

Kim Kardashian tops Forbes most overexposed celebrities list!

Kim Kardashian tops Forbes most overexposed celebrities list!

We talk about her all the time, so we’re not surprised to hear that Kim Kardashian has been ranked as the most overexposed celebrity on list compiled by Forbes magazine.

The publication had E-Poll conduct research into the celebs who seem to be everywhere all the time. Ready for the science bit? When asked 65% of the general public though that Kim is overexposed, while the average for most celebs is just 5%, reports Forbes.

The list – which obviously focuses on American celebrtities – is full of Reality TV stara, including Kim’s sisters Kourtney and Khloe, but there’s a good reason why they dominate the list,

“A decade ago being overexposed was the kiss of death,” says Gerry Philpott, E=-Poll’s CEO, “but today it’s necessary to fuel Reality TV.” In other words, if you’re not constantly courting attention, the public will soon forget about you. The full top 10 is below – tell us who would make your list.

Kim Kardashian – 65%
Lindsay Lohan – 64%
Snooki – 64%
Nadya ‘Ocotomom’ Suleman – 62%
Paris Hilton – 60%
Kate Gosselin – 57%
The Situation – 56%
Kourtney Kardashian – 53%
Levi Johnston – 51%
Khloe Kardashian – 51%

Rihanna reveals UFO hobby!

Rihanna reveals UFO hobby!

With her gorgeous looks, successful music career and a chilled out attitude, if we were to ask you what one of Rihanna’s hobbies were when she was a young girl, we doubt you would’ve answered: UFO spotting.

However, Rihanna has hinted that her role in new movie Battleship wasn’t her first time confronting alien life-forms. The We Found Love singer’s father would get her to sit on the porch of her home in Bridgetown, Barabados and try to spot the crafty creatures when she was little. Rihanna says,

"My dad used to make me sit outside on the steps all night long looking for UFOs flying by, and I had to do that for years…I didn't see any but I saw a falling star once and I was like, 'Yessss, dad! Come and see, it just darted'."

Well it wasn’t a revelation we were expecting, but it’s what the star let us in on at the photo call for her role in new movie Battleship. The singer has decided that she wants to dip her toes into the big bad world of acting, and her debut shows the Bajan beauty starring as Petty Officer Cora Raikes. Battleship is a film that follows Rihanna and her fellow U.S Naval Officers (that includes Channing Tatum, *swoon*) as they try to control and defeat an alien attack, funny that.

Battleship will be released in the UK on Aprill 11, but will you Heatworld citizens be going to see the flick?

Millie Macintosh Gave Us a Peek

millie macintosh gave us a peek hollywoodgrind 5 Millie Macintosh Gave Us a Peek

Millie Macintosh was caught by photographers getting into a car in a most unlady like fashion after leaving The Look magazine party. Thanks for the peek Millie.

If you haven’t checked out Millie’s Twitter feed, you simply must. She’s always got something to tweet, kind of like everyone else on Twitter. Here’s a sample:

Love a casual skype session with my pugs!

2 more sleeps till im home! yacht trip tomorrow and hopefullyswimming with dolphins on friday morning! whos tried it?

dolphin polo sounds interesting!

Just went swimming with dolphins! Now back to london.

Sitting next to a very large man on the plane we are going to have a fight if he doesn’t give me some of the arm rest.

Millie can tolerate anything but fat guys on planes that need two seats, and have to sit next to skinny models that complain. She should be happy to sit next to the fat guy, because unlike other passengers, if the plane crashes she’s got something to cushion the impact. Kevin Smith isn’t mad about people like Millie anymore since he lost some weight, and regained some of his jolly personality.

Singer Timi Dakolo Gets Married [Photos]

Timi and busola kissing

Soul singer Timi Dakolo got married to his lover busola ealier today in Ilorin kwara state. The couple has one child ,alex together
Timi had tweeted earlier "
"I think i am getting married 2day as oppose to yesterday."

Britney Spears caught Flashing her private part again

Britney Spears caught by paparazzi without panties, flashin her shaved pussy...again...

Britney Spears

Slime pours nonstop at Kids Choice Awards

Heidi Klum, left, and Chris Colfer get slimed as they present the award for favorite TV actress at Nickelodeon's 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, March 31, 2012 in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello) (AP) The slime came fast and furious at the 25th annual Kids' Choice Awards, where even celebrities get doused in bucket loads of green gunk. Host Will Smith opened the 25th annual Kids' Choice Awards promising a record amount of slime, and, halfway through the show, he was delivering. Soon after the first rows of fans were covered in slime, so were Halle Berry and "Glee" star Chris Colfer. "No one is safe from the slime!" screamed Smith. "You have to earn the slime! It's an honor." Smith started the show with an elaborate, digitally-animated skydive from Nickelodeon's trademark blimp. Smith was then hoisted from the rafters to the stage of the Galen Center at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where thousands of glow-stick waving fans cheered him on — including first lady Michelle Obama. Obama later presented "the big help" award for charity work to Taylor Swift. Upon receiving the award, the pop star said, "I am freaking out." "This is, like, the coolest award show ever," said "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart, accepting the award for favorite movie actress. The KCAs are Nickelodeon's annual celebration for kids, and it's often the most watched children's program of the year. More than 7.3 million watched last year's awards. This year, Nickelodeon badly needs the KCAs to continue to be such a success. In March, the Disney Channel beat out Nickelodeon in average total daily viewers — a title Nickelodeon had held every month since 1995. Winners are chosen from kid voting online. Selena Gomez won for both favorite TV actress and female singer. Adam Sandler took home the award for favorite movie actor. And Katy Perry, shortly after performing, was given the award for favorite voice for an animated movie for "Smurfs."

Tim Westwood Interviews Drake (video)

Continuing his conversation with Tim Westwood, Drake discusses touring the UK, Rihanna, and getting Punk’D by Ashton Kutcher. After the jump he weighs in on the “Marvin’s Room” lawsuit, YOLO sneakers, a possible posthumous collaboration with Aaliyah, meeting Sneakbo and more.

Tennis: Serena Williams Says What She Wants in a Man

We all have a list of things we want in a partner–ambitious, respectful, caring, funny, smart–but

for many women, their partner’s faith serves as a potential deal breaker. Recently tennis star

Serena Williams sat down with to talk about what she wants in a mate.

“I think it’s important when you marry to be evenly yoked,” Serena told Mmm360

“I’ve been studying to be a Jehovah’s Witness, so I go to Kingdom Hall. I grew up a Witness and

it’s what I know and we teach things that come from the Bible.”

The news marks a change for Serena who previously dated rapper Common for years, and more recently fellow tennis pro Grigor Dimitrov, neither of whom are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Setena’s religious requirement is certainly nothing new. Although I’ve dated across the faith

spectrum (and continue to), my mother always preached that being “unequally yoked” is a

definite no-no.


When the young rap up-start Nicki Minaj first broke into the scene she seemed to be a package of quick flow, raunchy lyrics, and Lil Kim-inspired sex appeal, all backed by her mentor Lil Wayne’s Young Money record label. After a few mixtapes to flaunt her abilities, her talents impressed many, and after scoring some major features, Minaj was set to be the return of female rap to the Top 40. She definitely made it to the Top 40, but not quite how many were expecting. With her debut album, Pink Friday on the way, many were expecting some hard rap verses and the self proclaimed “bad bitch” Minaj claimed to be to finally master her own territory. To the surprise and disappointment of the Minaj-followers, Pink Friday was very much a pop music affair with the rap being put in the backseat. With the chart topping “Super Bass” and “Fly” Pink Friday was indeed a success but not what the rap fans of Minaj wanted. The rap was there, particularly on “Roman’s Revenge,” easily the most standout track of Pink Friday, in which Minaj takes on her most famous alter ego. Roman Zolanski is essentially the better twin brother of Minaj that was suffocated by too much pop on Pink Friday, he needed to be given more time to shine on some straight rap tracks rather than this pop-rap hybrid. With the announcement of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, Minaj’s sophomore follow-up, it seemed Roman was on track for a comeback and the rap may finally be returning, correcting the mistake that made Pink Friday so painfully average. Roman Reloaded so obviously surpasses Pink Friday in nearly every way it’s almost embarrassing. This is not to imply that Roman Reloaded is a magnificent album, it isn’t, but it accomplishes everything that Minaj could want to do and all of her fans, whether it be the rap fans or pop fans, get what they want. The album is very lengthy, being nineteen tracks long and well over an hour, but for an artist like Minaj this is almost necessary, particularly for this mainstream genre meshing she attempts. Throughout the nineteen tracks, the whole thing is broken up into distinct segments with some really awkward transitioning. There is a bookend effect with the opening track, “Roman Holiday” and “Stupid Hoe” both the most thematically Roman-style songs, setting the scene. “Roman Holiday” is very well done opening showing Minaj put on her best angry face on some hard verses and the best “pop” chorus she’s ever done. From there the album transitions into it’s full on rap segment where Roman finally gets what he was deprived of on Pink Friday. In a six-track run, the rap is very consistent and doesn’t let up. Particular standouts include “I Am Your Leader,” echoing back to Minaj’s mixtape origins, “Champion,” a midtempo ode to the ghetto, and “Roman Reloaded,” a loud and clear *** you to those who called Minaj a pop wannabe. The greatest part of Roman Reloaded and debatably the most consistent run of songs Minaj has ever had comes to an unfortunate and abrupt end though when the next segment of the album comes in. The thankfully short, two song run of slow, “sexy” Minaj is encompassed in “Right By My Side” and “Sex In The Lounge.” Both are quite poor songs and Roman is missed greatly already. The Chris Brown feature in particular is shamefully cheesy, and quite frankly these two songs have no business on this album. After that two song run the next segment of the album, the pop segment, almost seems welcomed. The albums second single, “Starships,” is very obviously modeled after the Pink Friday hit, “Super Bass,” but done so much better. The song is not all that good by any means, it is actually quite generic, but in comparison there is no question which is superior. Continuing for four more tracks, Roman is nowhere to be found and Minaj pulls out some pure dance heavy pop tracks showing that she learned a thing or two from touring with Britney Spears and being featured twice on Madonna’s MDNA. Initially the idea of this sounds nauseating, but frankly songs like the hard “Pound The Alarm” and the thumping “Whip It” are better than practically everything on MDNA, and some credit must be given to Minaj if she is capable of surpassing the once Queen of Pop. But unfortunately the album never picks up again after this and with the last thud of “Beautiful Sinner,” the album transitions into sentimental pop that dominated Pink Friday. And it hasn’t improved. “Marilyn Monroe,” “Young Forever,” and “Fire Burns” are all extraordinarily cheesy ballads that are easily skipped but honestly fairly expected to be present on a Minaj album. Then of course the album closes with “Stupid Hoe,” the one everyone has probably heard before, and the last resurfacing of Roman Zolanski. The song, while quite poor with the ear splitting off key wail midsong, it does provide a great tone for the closing of such an album. If you can look past the horrendous album cover, the rough filler tracks (Right By My Side, Young Forever, and more) there is something to be enjoyed about Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Roman finally gets his time in the light, and the rap segment of this album shows up nearly everything Minaj did on Pink Friday, and even the pop songs halfway through are decently listens. The album is not a work of art at all, but is very much a success. Reloaded is exactly what Pink Friday should have been, this should have been what her debut sounded like.

Reverend Derek Mereku Baptises 55 Prisoners in Ghana prision

Reverend Derek Mereku baptises Prisoners

Some of the inmates being baptized by Reverend Derek Mereku

Some 55 male Christian inmates have been baptized at the James Camp Prisons in the Nyaho area.

Reverend Derek Mereku of the Church of Pentecost-La branch performed the baptism for 45 inmates of the churchwhile other denominations also took the opportunity to baptize their members.

The remaining denominations included the Methodist Church of Ghana, Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Seventh Day Adventist, and Global Evangelical Ministry.

This was after the Church Of Pentecost commissioned a GH¢4500 baptistery for the inmates.

The church also provided food items, detergents and used clothing valued GH¢1500 to them.

Giving a sermon to prepare the converts for baptism, reverend Derek Mereku urged the inmates not to see prison as a curse.

He said the camp is to be seen as a transformational centre that would change them from their old ways.

“Some of you are here by your own deeds while others were innocent but could not defend yourselves. If you did nothing wrong but you were wrongfully sentenced, do not be disturbed,” he urged the inmates.

Using Joseph in the bible as an example, Reverend Mereku said Jesus Christ knows their worries and would deliver them.

He said no one can see God unless they have a repented heart.

“You are here to be reformed, stay focused and God will accept you,” he observed.

Adding her voice the Deputy Director of Prisons (DDP) in charge of James Camp, Josephine Fredua-Agyemang said the baptism is a first for the camp.

She expressed joy that at least the inmates have received salvation.

“Those here are safe and sound. Some have changed from their old ways and have been reformed.”

She averred that the camp also gives vocational training to the inmates to equip them for the future.

Some of the vocations include carpentry, block molding, farming, piggery and rabbit rearing.

She noted that the only challenge is how to equip the carpentry shop with tools and get funds to purchase the materials for work.

DDP Fredua-Agyemang said their sick bay also needs enough drugs to serve the 354 inmates serving various sentences at the camp.

She urged individuals to help build an Information Telecommunication Technology Centre (ICT) and a library there since most of the inmates like reading.

Hunch back killed for rituals in ghana

Hunchback Yaw Botchway might have been killed for rituals

Hunchback killed for ritual purpose

The Twifo Praso District Police Command is investigating the circumstances that led to the gruesome murder of a 25-year-old hunchback, Yaw Botchway, at Twifo Praso in the Twifo-Hermang-Lower-Denkyira District of the Central Region.

The body of Botchway has been deposited at the Twifo Praso Government Hospital Morgue for autopsy.

The District Police Commander, Nana Ofori, said his outfit received a call on Friday that somebody had been killed around palm plantation, a situation which compelled him to dispatch his men to the scene.

He stated that when they got to the scene, they saw Botchway lying in a pool of blood as his shirt and trouser had been tied around his neck.

The commander revealed that upon inspection, they saw a deep cut at Botchway’s back and they took the body to the Twifo Praso Government Hospital Morgue.

DSP Nana Ofori said after they had taken the body to the morgue, a man stormed the police station claiming Botchway was his son.

The Police Commander suspected the hunch was removed from the back and said a postmortem would be conducted to ascertain the fact.

When DAILY GUIDE visited the area, people were speculating that Botchway might have been killed for rituals.

Senior high school students in sex video

Kumasi base d Senior High School (SHS) students in sex video

Senior High School (SHS) girls showing their body

An interesting video that captures female students of a Kumasi-based Senior High School (SHS) exposing their genitals for the cameras is still causing a stir after the video was released last month.
Two of the girls were vividly captured in the video and reports say these two are residents of Madina and Asylum Down in the Greater Accra Region but attend the Kumasi-based SHS.

The school’s uniform is white and green and the students’ track suit is green-coloured with white stripes running from the shoulders, through the sleeves to the wrist.
The video showed the girls dancing on the school compound in front of a dormitory. Some of them were in sexy pants and at a point removed the pants to expose their naked buttocks to the cameras.
One particular student, a light-skinned beautiful teenager was so excited about the video recording that she removed her pants and showed her vagina to the cameras. It was bushy.

While the girls were dancing for the camera, some other students were perching on the corridors of the dormitory from where they cheered the dancing girls and kept calling their names: Richlove, Linda, Muni and Mommie.

It is not immediately clear the reason for which the young girls shot the sexually explicit video but it was recorded with a camera phone by a colleague student who directed the girls on what to do.
The one recording the video made sure her face was not captured.
This is not the first time such a video recording that captures the nakedness ofstudents is reaching the media and it is apparently becoming a trend for Ghanaian youth to capture their nakedness and sometimes sexual intercourse on videos.

NBA: Dwyane Wade’s Nephew 1 of 13 Shot in Chicago Shooting

A nephew of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade was one of 13 men shot – two fatally – during a violent six-hour stretch in Chicago, another indication that violence is on the rise in the nation’s third-largest city.

Wade learned of the situation with his nephew after Miami defeated Dallas on Thursday night. On Friday, Wade said he played “with a heavy heart” when the Heat visited Toronto. Wade scored 30 points in Miami’s 113-101 victory, and afterward said he expected his nephew to recover.

“I played for him and with him in mind,” Wade said. “I was 9 years old when he was born. I was an uncle at 9 years old. A lot of thoughts go through your mind. … My prayers go out to all the families involved, especially the one family who lost a child. My prayers go out to them. It’s tough.”

Wade’s nephew was one of six males shot at a store on Chicago’s South Side about 6 p.m. Thursday by hooded men who police said fled the scene in an SUV. One man was dead at the scene and four others – ranging in age from 16 to 24 – were hospitalized in critical condition. The Cook County medical examiner’s office identified the slain man as Shawndell Harris, 22.

The Wade family has not released their injured relative’s name, nor has Chicago police. The eight-time NBA All-Star said his Wade’s World Foundation has made curbing violence, particularly gun violence, a top priority for several years.

For Wade, a Chicago native, that made the news of these shootings even more troubling.

“It’s very concerning,” Wade said. “A lot of work that I do in the community in Chicago is about (gun violence) and to have a family member, my nephew, be involved in it, it’s sad. It hurts your heart to think about not only your family but other families going through it. I’m just glad that he’s fine and hopefully he recovers. … You never expect to get a call like that.”

The news of the shooting involving Wade’s nephew comes one week after Heat players including Wade and LeBron James spoke out about last month’s shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. A neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot the 17-year-old in the Orlando suburb of Sanford, Fla. No arrest has been made; the volunteer has claimed self-defense.

Of the Martin shooting, Wade said that, “as a father, this hits home.”

With regard to his nephew, Wade indicated surgery had taken place. Wade was still collecting details.

“My family tried to keep me out of it while I was playing the game,” Wade said. “So now that the game is over hopefully I can call and get a chance to talk to them.”

Police in Chicago said there were three other shootings during Thursday’s stretch of violence.

- Shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday, David Gully, 31, was fatally shot in the head across the street from his South Side home. Suspects have been questioned and several weapons have been recovered, police said.

- About 10:30 p.m. Thursday, four people standing in a parking lot on Chicago’s West Side were wounded when a gunman fired at them from a moving vehicle, police said.

- Two other men were wounded in separate shootings on the South Side – one in the leg and one in the buttocks.

The shootings are part of a larger uptick in violence across the city this year. From Jan. 1 to March 29 of this year, there were 474 shootings, 101 of them fatal, according to the Chicago Police Department. During the same time period last year, there were 346 shootings, 55 fatal.

Tio Hardiman, director of the anti-violence group CeaseFire, said he believes clashes are increasing because the city is dealing with violence as a crime problem and not as a public health epidemic.

“You cannot arrest your way out of this problem,” Hardiman said. “You have to meet people where they are and change the way they think.”