Sunday, December 20, 2015

Six passengers are reportedly being questioned over the Air France bomb scare


A plane heading to Paris, France made an emergency landing in Kenya this morning following a bomb scare.
Air France's Flight AF 463 was heading to Paris from Mauritius but it was forced to land inKenya after a suspect package was found in the toilets.
The package in question looked like "a stopwatch mounted on a box," an unnamed police official told the Associated Press.

The official told AP that six passengers are being questioned over a suspected bomb.
While there is no official statement over whether the suspect package is actually a bomb or not — French media are reporting that the package is not a bomb:

UPDATE: @KenyaAirports report that Moi International Airport is now operating as usual after closing earlier to deal with device on .


  • At 12:37 this morning, the Air France flight landed at Moi International Airport in Mombasa — far away from it's original direct destination of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.
    Police spokesman Charles Owino confirmed that the Boeing 777 plane, which was carrying 459 passengers and 14 crew members, landed and the item was safely removed from the plane.
    “It requested an emergency landing after a device suspected to be a bomb was discovered in the lavatory, an emergency was prepared and it landed safely and all passengers evacuated,” said Owino in his full statement.
    “Bomb experts from the Navy and the CID were called in and took the device which they are dismantling to establish if it had any explosives.”
    Local news station NTV Kenya posted some pictures of passengers being evacuated safely at the tim
    According to Mombasa's local news company NTV Kenya, Ambassador Monica Juma and other government authorities have arrested one Air France passenger related to the bomb scare: Business Insider was unable to verify the details of the NTV Kenya tweets.
    The Mombasa Airport was temporarily closed to departing and arriving flights with heavy security. It has reopened
    Some of the 473 passengers from Air France 463 that made emergency landing in Mombasa outside the airport
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